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Nov 17, 2022

From: Lola NY
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I worked with producers on RHONY within the last 5 years can’t lock in exact date because will give out my identity. But, there were some great notable names that were being considered for potentially joint the series. And this was prior to the reboot. June Ambrose, Remy Ma, and Radio Personality Caroline Bermudez were just a few names that I was excited for to potentially join the franchise but it never worked out.

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  1. Bravo sucks

    Do Bravo and employees still not understand WE DONT WANT THE REBOOT. IDC who’s names were being tossed around? Not one person I have talked to who has watched RHONY in the past wants it. Stop doing this to us

  2. Nicki

    Remy would’ve ate Ramona UP

  3. Jess

    You aren’t speaking for everyone – I want the reboot!

  4. Jersey Girl

    Remy was out as soon as her name was brought up bc she lives in NJ. I like the idea of the 2 shows to bring in some fresh stories and new blood. Also looking forward to the Legacy as well. Change isn’t always bad!!


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