Green lit!

Nov 17, 2022

From a source:

Selling OC has been green lit for season 2. Filming slated to begin in January!

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  1. DayDayMiMi

    I’m extremely disappointed that they canceled selling Miami.
    I feel like they did that so they could put the twin brothers there with their offices.
    Which is really messed up. Give it another name but don’t end it.
    I knew when they gave it that name it was never going to make it far.
    Unless she teamed up with the brothers.
    This sucks.
    Selling oc I couldn’t finish bc it seemed so incredibly fake. None of these women knew each other and said they just got the job, yet they hate each other and fought as if they’d known each other years.
    No way you can have that much deep issue, with someone you just met yesterday.
    Plus the fact they all wanted Britney snow husband.
    He was clearly keeping her out bc he didn’t want her to outshine him.
    They want this show to work, bring on Britney(if she decides) let’s see her crush him and these girls. Then I’ll continue to watch maybe.
    I was not impressed at all.


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