About that new city…

Nov 16, 2022

A while ago we received intel on a new housewives city . Chicago and/or the suburb of Winnetka.


  1. Magenta Yenta

    Winnetka is not a ‘Housewives” city. Many, many other ‘burbs with a higher median income.

  2. Winnetka Woman

    There was a group in Chicago that were cast and did some filming. The group includes a few influencers, a stylist, and a woman who owns a fashion business (and works with celebrities and bravolebrities). I heard they are no longer filming. Which is too bad because they would have been great.

    There was also a group on the North Shore who were talking to Bravo. They did not film. I live in Winnetka, and we’d know if there was filming here!

    Also this prior comment is wrong. Winnetka is one of the most affluent towns north of Chicago. It’s just too old money/quiet to be a Housewives city.

  3. Magenta Yenta

    Source: I’m a lifelong Chicagoan ??‍♀️


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