About the daughters show…

Nov 9, 2022

From a source:

The “show” this former southern housewife’s daughters are filming … is simply a PILOT. Additionally, the daughters are not “living” in LA. So far no one has picked the “show” up. Allegedly.




  1. Frisco Bay

    I doubt people are gonna watch a show with the Zolciak girl. They’re not TV materia .

  2. wE’rE cOmInG bAcK

    Nice. Based on a lie, because saying they were “cut off” implies there was something to be cut off from. The Biermanns are broke, period amen. So based on a lie, a show where they would do nothing but lie as they always do. Add to that no charisma/personality, nothing interesting in their lives. Can’t wait to miss it.

  3. GossipCT

    Well- their parents didn’t set them up to understand the concept of education and work- other than relying on their looks. It’s gross.

  4. Donna Rae

    Nobody likes or wants to watch a bunch of liars, scammers, addicts. they just found that out when they failed at the chat on twitch. I think they had 39 viewers. This is not even filmed… let alone coming soon. Lies lies lies

  5. Loose lips

    Ew. No one wanted her mom, they sure as hell don’t want her daughters ??‍♀️

  6. Leigh

    Saw a comment somewhere else that this story was paid for & planted by KZB to deflect from the foreclosure. Nothing has been filmed, shopped or picked up for broadcast.

  7. Polly pocket

    I love the bierrman’s. They are good tv no matter what anyone says. I hate to see all the hate going their way.

  8. Keke

    It’s not even picked up by a network. No one wants this.

  9. Erica

    They are what’s wrong with the world today ??

  10. Pig in a Wig

    Hey Polly Pocket…. the Biermanns have committed fraud. People purchased their B Box for $150, and never received it! And they just ignore it. That’s called theft. And that’s just one of the many illegitimate things they’ve done.

  11. Scamming Kim

    Don’t believe this, what you can believe in is FACTS: their house went up for sale on the courthouse steps for non payment of a Heloc loan on Nov 1st. They are in a foreclosed home! These lies are to deflect from the FACTS, Kzb denies her home went for sale on Nov 1st…yet it’s PUBLIC RECORD!! Nene was right-kzb is delusional!! No producer would pay for scammers to be on tv, it would be more fun to watch paint dry!

  12. WYKYK

    Two vapid uneducated fools warrant a show? Totally fake news.

  13. Manifest

    HAHA before I opened this I said out loud “i bet they don’t even have a show”

  14. John Legend

    I never thought her daughters were all that interesting on either show.

  15. ShoulhavelistenedtoKroy

    Kroy tried so hard to raise the girls with a sense of “working for what you have” and Kim shot him down every time. He used to have work ethic and values and it all changed. Kim really thought she was Americas favorite housewife and the money was never going to run out!!

  16. Melony Turner

    They are making a very feeble attempt at a Paris & Nicole show.

  17. WIG!!!

    Stop trying to make this the simple life, it will never be the simple life.


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