Nov 8, 2022


Subject: Farewell Dubrow

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Heather Dubrow is exiting RHOC after this season airs and moving to LA, her name has come up in conversations about the next season of RHOBH as producers are trying to figure out how to keep next season interesting however they don’t want to make housewives switching cities a common thing so it is a hard call.

Thats about all I have been told but if i was guessing I would be pretty certain on Vicki returning full time for S18 of RHOC, as the direction of the shows future is now unclear and Vicki is basically a walking storyline.

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  1. Fancy Pants

    I do not think she’s a fit for RHOBH. At all.

  2. Run girl

    Heather has two kids(highschool and middle) still attending private school in the OC. She said on the pod possibly Laguna to be closer to the water. She is not moving to LA full time. She wants her kids to have a place where they can all be in one house and that is not a condo.

  3. Family Vans Rule

    How is Vicki a walking storyline?? She’s now doing cheesy commercials. Desperate/thirsty.

  4. Kim

    Puhleeze she would not fit! They would eat her alive

  5. Amurr

    Not an HD fan fan but love to see her around people with the same wealth as her. She might not be considered so fancy in BH. Might be fun to see her be just like everyone and not worshiped because of her wealth. Also listening to her and Kyle be frenemies one upping each other w Malibu country and Halloween would be hilarious!

  6. Slade

    I don’t like Heather quitting a second time just because the spotlight is on her, but I will take it if it brings back Vicki

  7. Just Saying

    Honestly I think a combo of Glanville and Dubrow could be a cool duo to add to the mix of BH if you remove Crystal and Rinna. Personally I think Rinna is good TV but the fan base has exiled her and it’s cheaper to throw Kathy in a friend role on production and push the healing storyline for her and Kyle. If Dorit gets demoted, Rinna could keep her diamond and we could watch Brandi take her out all while seeing Kathy and Kyle mend, Garcelle and Sutton become the new faces of the franchise and let Erika and her situation simmer.


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