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Nov 8, 2022

From a source:

I think more attention needs to be brought to this. This soon to be ex husband is offering ozempic at his med spa, which is the diabetes drug people are using for weight loss off label (not approved by FDA). How isn’t this malpractice? There’s a shortage of the drug for the diabetics who actually need it, so it’s also a morality and ethics issue.



  1. karl

    where i live (small town ontario)
    its huuuugely popular
    i never knew it was a diabetic drug, wow!

  2. bravo bravo

    lenny from RHOMiami

  3. Lenny

    Ozempic is approved for weight loss, it isn’t unethical. Most docs at medi spas are offering it to their patients.

  4. You're a moron

    This is incorrect, this does NOT take away medicine for diabetics. It’s being offered in several spas and clinics in the country, he’s not the only doctor doing this. Educate yourself before spouting nonsense that you know nothing about.

  5. Toni

    There is a shortage for the Wegovy version, I know it and Ozempic are the same but they aren’t shorting the diabetes version. I’ve been taking it for weight loss for 9 months and haven’t and the pharmacy says there’s no issues with that version. It’s not malpractice to prescribe a medication off label my ex is a doctor and I worked for him so I know regulations

  6. Pharmacy employee

    Lenny. If true, this can be researched very fast by the fda or any govt agency and would definitely be malpractice if these patients are not diabetic.

  7. Emmy

    It’s harder to find a doc who doesn’t do this. The system is screwed and the pharm companies create a false shortage on purpose so they can upcharge the cost and make more $$. It has been found to help people suffering from obesity which is statistically a larger issue than the people suffering from diabetes— 70 million Americans with obesity vs 30 million with diabetes— 10% of which have type 1 and wouldn’t be prescribed these types of meds for their diabetes control anyway. I have type 1 and because I am in my 40s and my insulin resistance plus hormonal changes have caused wright gain, I’m in talks with my doc about integrating this class of meds to help with weight loss and minimize other dangers.

    TLDR— It’s not as dubious as it sounds

  8. Anon

    A lot of plastic surgeons are doing this and it’s typically a compound of the drug that’s not in a shortage. It is FDA approved for “overweight” people if their BMI is in the right range. Hopefully he isn’t actually using the drug that is in the shortage but…who knows

  9. He sucks but this is a stretch

    MedSpas across the country everywhere are offering this. I can’t say I personally agree with taking it but it’s definitely not just a Lenny specific thing and it’s not malpractice lol.

  10. Ava

    It’s may not be moral, but it is certainly legal. Doctors are allowed to prescribe medications off label if they believe it benefits the patient.

    The drug companies have no problem with this either. Patients buying it off label have to pay the whole retail price (over 1,000 a month). Diabetics are covered by insurance and the insurance companies have deals that allow them to pay 35-50% or that price.

    I say this as a diabetic who takes the drug (and it allows me to live a life free of insulin and all it’s side effects). There is a new drug Mounjaro that works the same way (better results actually) as ozempic but is made by a different company.

    This new drug along with ramp up of ozempic production will ease the shortage imminently.

  11. Jane Doe Diabetic

    This drug makes you sit on the toilet !!! It does take away your cravings and suppresses your appetite but the side affects are not worth it. Once you stop the drug your body will take a while to get back to normal.

  12. Lenny sucks

    Doctors prescribe medications for off label use all of the time so I wouldn’t call this malpractice. (I work in the medical field) Morally wrong when diabetics need it- maybe.

  13. Titsmcgee

    Lenny H aka the gremlin troll who lives under your bed

  14. None

    It is very common for pcp and specialist to offer it for folks who do not want bariatric surgery. It is a lower dose than folks with diabities. Everything isnt a federal case. It is vetter than offering phentermine

  15. Jen

    Prescribing off label drugs is not malpractice. It’s like using Retin-A for wrinkles instead of acne.

  16. Welcome to Healthcare/Big Pharma

    All medispas in the country are doing this now. Drug studies showed diabetics on these meds (there a several different injections for Type2DM) tend to lose weight with the medication. Most Type2DM are overweight, weight lost is side effect of the meds. Lose weight, glucose levels go down, A1C improve. Americans in general are overweight so weight loss will improve their health. Problem is Americans are lazy and don’t want to put in the work to lose weight aka diet/exercise. A good healthcare provider isn’t giving this to just anyone, they will do labs and must have a certain BMI to get on these meds. However, healthcare is about money so you can get these meds if you are willing to pay. Read about side effects/risk associated with these medications. There is a reason healthcare providers have malpractice insurance.

  17. Sladjana

    I’ve seen him advertise but not by that actual brand, it can be made by pharmacists. Every med spa offers it now, no malpractice there and you have blood tests and kept on for short term. IGfamouse was on it and documented her journey on IG.

  18. Lenny Penny

    Lenny doing antything for a Penny !!

  19. Face Palm

    Weight loss clinics are using a compounded version. It is NOT taking away from any diabetic. Get your facts straight.

  20. Not Illegal But..

    Although it isn’t being sensitive and ethical to dispense a drug that isn’t available to everyone who medically requires it’s use, it is not illegal. Also, it’s doesn’t seem as bad if the med is being dispensed to patients who are “morbidly” obese. Hopefully they are being responsible and not giving to patients who are 15 or so lbs overweight. This group could be prescribed other meds to help.

  21. Carol

    As a diabetic and need Ozempic for my blood sugar levels, this is horrifying!


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