Lots of chatter in the OC!

Nov 7, 2022

What happened was Kelly & Rick were at a mutual friends box at a football game with Shannon & John. John told Rick some negative stuff about Eddie. Rick repeated the story on their podcast. Tamra and Shannon were still friends with Kelly and heard and texted Kelly pissed off that they said it on the podcast. Shannon told Kelly that their conversations are to be kept private. Rick apologized via text to Shannon and on their podcast. Kelly read the texts from Shannon and Tamra on her podcast. Shannon contacted Jeff Lewis knowing Kelly & Rick were going on his podcast. Jeff called Kelly and told her about Shannon’s call. Kelly recorded the call with Jeff and played it on her podcast. Tamra is pissed and that is why she had negative comments about Kelly at Bravocon. Anonymous please.


  1. Need to hear this

    Can someone please tell us what episode he repeated what was said about Eddie and what episode she played her phone call to Jeff Lewis?!!!

  2. Stacey

    Only a fool would be friends with Kelly. Kelly and Rick are vile humans. What kind of father allows someone to spew hateful stories about his daughter? I can’t wait until they split and turn on each other.

  3. lola

    Was not on the show.


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