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Nov 6, 2022

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Bravo or Peacock will air a new show Lads of London, basically Real Housekids of London. They filmed and stopped and then began filming. The cast are a fitness freak called Ollie, a west end performer called Jac, a finance director Alfie, a socialite who works for Conde Nast named Ben, a car salesman called Will & the nephew of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. London society hate this happening, the cast have been kicked from many major events. Expect Juliet Angus & some other Ladies of London to appear. They tried a similar show with one surrounding a group of friends in the Middle East. London won. Real Girlfriends in Paris was a trial run for their new younger demographic. The cast are a mix of Americans, English, Scottish and Emirati

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  1. Says who

    And RGIP is flopping HARD. Hard pass for me. Leave that stuff for Netflix

  2. MIC

    Bravo should just pick up made in Chelsea

  3. Paris is always a good idea

    I’ll watch! I liked RGIP, it was kinda like the Hills documenting the up and coming trying to make it in real jobs and not just having being on TV as their job. Plus I LOVED seeing Paris!! I think London will be great too. If they give them a chance I think RGIP can step it up and make it better.

  4. Ugh

    Real girlfriends of Paris is doing badly and everyone who loves housewives knows why. You don’t need to appeal to twenty somethings they are watching other stuff and lots is aimed at that demo. Bravo has done so well by aiming at 25/30 plus and showcasing people who aren’t 20 year olds. That’s their point of difference and why it works.

  5. RGIP

    RGIP is really rather sweet. They don’t fight like Housewives. It shows their ups and downs. I am a fan. Hope it comes back, but won’t be surprised if it doesn’t.


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