Aren’t being renewed next season?!

Nov 6, 2022


Subject: Married to Medicine

Spill It to
You didn’t hear this from me… Contessa & Quad aren’t being renewed for next season. Anila will be a friend.

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  1. She needs to go too

    Anila needs to go too!

  2. Not Even Married To Medicine

    I can definitely see them cutting Dr. Contessa loose and bumping Anila down to a friend. But dumping Quad?!?!? Didn’t they already try that once only to immediately bring her back? Like it or not, Quad is needed on that show. Period.

  3. DayDayMiMi

    Quad doesn’t fit she isn’t friends with any of these women, clearly…
    She’s mean and has zero ties to medicine.. they could put her somewhere else, but not this show.

  4. Emily

    This is confusing. They had major storylines last season, center of drama, etc. Anila’s main story line was her nanny leaving.

  5. Bring the receipts

    Now that makes no sense…..

  6. Yasin

    Oh please dear god let this be true. We don’t need Quad she don’t add anything to this show. I will miss Contessa but again this season other than fighting with Heavenly, and being yelled at by her trainer lol she really didn’t do anything

  7. Hellenly

    Come thru Heavenly!!

  8. Krose

    QUAD??? She’s one of the best. She isn’t really bringing it tooooo hard this season but she’s the best !

  9. Selene

    Why??? They both provide a lot of the story-line of the show. Anila leaving isn’t a problem; she doesn’t add much.

  10. Carol

    Sounds good, except for Anila being a friend, she can go too!

  11. M2M

    We need Quad!!

  12. Dr Gee

    Bad move. They need Quad for ratings but Bravo likes to learn the hard way

  13. Lo

    What?! Not Ms Quad!! The show needs her.

  14. Sophie

    Thank god about Quad. She brought zero value the last 2-3 seasons. Just unnecessary vitriol

  15. Oh No They Didn’t

    I won’t miss Contessa or Anila. But they’ve tried before without Ms. Quad and it was missing her flair.

  16. The Uhaul

    Anila over Quad?…hard pass

  17. Storyline Police

    Bring back Mariah. Quad is a shitty friend and sucks at owning her shit like an LVP but good tv. Contessa I finally like this year and she’s gone lmao what. Anila should never be on this show again. Thirsty hypocritical little snooze. Arresting her for fake storylines for her entire run.

  18. Mariah

    I’m not a fan of Quad or Anila. I don’t mind Contessa though

  19. Anila the culture vulture

    If Quad isn’t being renewed…..who will Anila be a friend of???? LOL!

  20. Cozey

    Thank God Contessa is off! What a snooze fest!! ?? I’m going to miss Quad though!

  21. M

    Good riddance to Quad. She is nasty and mean and always boasting and bragging about how great she is. She would be nothing if it were not for her ex. Anila fakes storylines and is very dumb. They should not dump Contessa. I hope they don’t bring nasty Audra back either.

  22. Brav-o-no-you-didn’t


  23. Watched from the beginning

    The show sucked when they got rid of Quad before. She has breathed life back into it. She is the NeNe of the show. Hilarious. Will be upset if this is true.

  24. Veronicar

    Quad is the most entertaining person on that show.

  25. M2M fan

    As a fan of M2M I’m okay with Quad leaving, she’s not married to medicine anymore and this show has been about couples since day 1. Quad doesn’t want to talk or show anything about her love life. Her nephew is adorable and will be missed. Also, quads drama this season is not Want I want to see on M2M she needs to go to housewives for that messiness.

  26. M2M is the Best show on bravo

    I think the majority of ppl like anila’s husband more then her lol.. idk if quad should go though. Why can’t she be a friend of? I hope the rumore about Cary for Dallas ksnr true … Although these ladies would eat her up so maybe ??‍♀️


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