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Nov 6, 2022

From a source:

about the murders you posted about…

Also tea that it goes all the way to the Governor and that’s why so much information has been slow walked because it’s an election year…


  1. Foghorn Leghorn

    McMasters the worst. congrats SC you’re stuck with him again 🤬

  2. Joe

    Could this be the murdaughs and gov McMaster? Such a shame he was just re-elected

  3. Titsmcgee

    And ofc he was re-elected. Probably won’t hear as much from this case then which is bullshit. So many high profile people are connected to them

  4. Why didn’t Beto win?!

    I’m watching “Low Country”
    On HBO Max and the Murdaugh family are f**ked up!!!!!! South Carolina needs to get it together.

  5. Listen to the Pod

    Murdaugh Murders podcast has been covering every piece of this for well over a year now. I’ve been following it since the 2019 boat crash.


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