Full custody!

Jun 8, 2022

From: Dirty John
Email: miami@bravo.com

Subject: Full custody…

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He’s telling people he’s going for full custody. Not sure if this is him trying to rehab his image or what but that is what he is saying. He wants full custody.

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  1. Sami

    Lenny; what a POS

  2. Bless his heart

    Last year- absent father who doesn’t have time to see his kids because of work.

    This year- full custody?

    What a joke.

  3. BravoTay

    I knew it from the last post. He said in his comments “and they never will” meaning she’s out but the kids won’t be. Ugh. He’s gross! The mistress won’t want to become “mama” so either the love affair will fizzle quickly or the full custody route will come to a dead end.

  4. Keep the kids with mama

    An adulterer and “man” who is trying to evict his wife is a great example for his kids. No judge is going to give him full custody. I hope Lisa has an amazing cut-throat attorney. That little troll cheated now twice (that’s known) and has officially left the marriage. He can move out. She deserves so much better and so do the kids. If he had $1 to his name, none of these women would look his way ever.

  5. Anon

    What a PIG!! ? he pressured her and put her down about her fertility struggles. She seemed like an amazing mom! He wants to take custody just to have them raised by nannies and not her? He’s too busy working to take of them himself. What a douche lord

    • Hochweiner12

      Wow! I wonder if something has happened for him to act so despicable towards her.

  6. Nick

    Florida doesn’t recognize the term custody. FL Family courts try hardest to make sure both parents have substantial role in a child’s life. A parent would have to do something really bad to have a child taken away from them. I work as a legal professional in Miami

  7. South Beach

    Lmao. He won’t get it. Lisa has basically raised those angels and she hasn’t done anything showing herself to be incapable as a mother (which is extremely hard to do in the Court‘s eyes). The Court usually sides with the mother. At a maximum, he will get shared custody.

  8. Stephina

    This is why he said he agreed with that fan that his children should live in a home equal to or nicer than the one they are currently living in because he thinks if he goes for full custody he can write Lisa off and this flavor of the month can fill the void.

  9. Been there ans some this in Miami

    He won’t get full-custody, but he will 1000% get 50/50 without even trying. It is the golden standard in Dade county. Since they have full time nanny’s, he can kick Lisa out and the kids can stay, 50% of the time.

    • Lenny

      Nannies not nanny’s.

  10. PoorLisa

    Classic gaslighter .. thought it the minute I saw that comment .. he’s telling her every way to Sunday why he will get those kids 100% .. probably threatening her so she goes into fight or flight mode and leaves just to keep her kids. Classic tactic by narcissists.

  11. Lenny Sucks

    He wants full custody so HE can stay in the house and won’t have to pay as much child support, if any. Even though he works full time and will need a full time nanny for them.

  12. Shebettertakeitall

    I think I can speak for all of us when I say, f*ck Lenny.

  13. What a Shame

    Total Kanye vibes: never sees his kids when they’re married, misses holidays and bdays. As soon as they split they want full custody ? k. You know he’s just trying not to pay child support. Sick in the head

  14. Michelle

    Full custody simply means him not having to pay child support….I believe that’s the ONLY reason he’s trying for that!

  15. Titsmcgee

    Hey Lenny, I’ll make sure you NEVER get full custody of those kids. You sick pig


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