VPR filming begins…

Jun 21, 2022

Officially begins today. We know some of the cast was filming end of April but today the season officially begins filming.


  1. Sarah

    Wait. Lala was on Jeff Lewis live Friday and said she has not yet been approached about filming ? I’ll be so mad if she’s not on

    • VPR Needs a Refresh

      Lala is straight trash, she needs her platform to be taken away. The only way this show is saved is if they just start over.

      • Meg

        Give them no Lala plz

      • Nana

        The whole show is trash!!! There is no one on there not bilking their 16 minutes of fame…..for their lack of talent at anything Hollywood (failed models, actors, singers).

        I don’t understand who is still watching this. I keep hoping something will end this sh*t show (and it’s not an actual crazy sh*t show that’s fun to watch – it’s a bad show)

  2. Bravo Bravo Effing Bravo

    Does anyone still care about this show and these people? I can’t believe it’s still on

    • KH

      I’m shocked


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