Mexico showdown…

Nov 5, 2022

From: OG of the OC

Subject: RHOC Season 17

Spill It to
RHOC is wrapping up their much-anticipated comeback season. The biggest feud is between Tamra and EVERYBODY. They tried taking her down in Mexico but supposedly failed! This time she didn’t run off with no shoes! A new alliance has been formed though.

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  1. This is delusional

    Much-anticipated? Comeback season? I don’t think so. I’m not sure if I’ll watch at all with both Tammy and Vicki back. If any franchise needs a reboot, it’s the O.C.

  2. L Stephens

    This is just soooo lame. I mean come on. The Tamra/Icky storyline is tired & old. Tamra fights with everyone and screams. No one cares. And bringing Icky back is like the plague lol. She’s just horrible and how Bravo continues to support someone who lied about cancer for a storyline & who is a homophobic, racist is beyond me. Won’t EVER watch.

  3. Tamrat

    Thankful I’m not the only one who isn’t excited about the icky/ Tamra story line. Yuck

  4. Nono

    Refuse to watch this bc they are sooo badly behaved humans. Not worth the eyeballs and views for bravo.

  5. RhocRox

    Y’all talking shit about rhoc arent real fans of housewives. Tamra and co started it for everyone. Genuine fun times and laughs with other housewives along with a healthy dose of crazy drama – THAT is fun to watch. Pay your dues. Sick of reading all the bs here… not everything has to be so unhealthy and toxic to be entertaining. Truly hoping rhoc makes the comeback here

  6. JC

    Vicki stop commenting! Go away!


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