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Nov 4, 2022

From: Ice Cold Drama

Subject: Updates for season 3!

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Season 3 will be wrapping soon. After episode 7 viewers can expect midseason trailer. Before midseason there will be an event – Angie katsanevas squares off against Meredith. Meredith says that Angie’s support for Lisa is dubious and questions how she would feel if somebody attacked her family like that. Angie is not afraid to go low and accuses Meredith or weaponizing her law degree.
Dana confides in Whitney at this event and talks about people who have worked for Jen. She questions the nature of her spending money and why her behavior is the way it is even though she is getting arrested. Jen comes for her. What is seen in the trailer is only the start of the finale party, the rest of the party got very heated. Dana holds her own but Jen eats her up. It is scary to watch. Season finale will be episode 13 likely. Jen’s trial will last for 2 episodes making it 15 episodes, along with a 2 to 3 part reunion. Production wants Jen for the reunion so expect it to be filmed in January.
For season 4 production is thinking about Angie Harrington. Dana does not want to be on for season 4 and Angie Katsanavas is fine with recurring roles.

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  1. Brooks

    Why such a short season? RHOSLC and RHONJ are 2 of the best shows and they always get the short end

  2. Another show cut short

    Why is the season so short?!! Last season was 24 total. 21 episodes and 3pt reunion. And how is Jen’s trial two episodes long, especially if they’re not allowed in courthouse to film? I’m confused on what they’re going to actually air

  3. Veronicar

    Who is Dana??? Jen didn’t have a trial so how did it make an episode?

  4. Bravo Bravo Effing Bravo

    I thought Jen was due to be sentenced at the end of Nov. Don’t they take people into custody immediately? If so, she won’t be around to film the reunion in Jan.
    Correct me if I’m mistaken

  5. Titsmcgee

    If this season has made me sure about anything, it’s that I don’t want Angie H on my screen. Her and her husband are the cringiest, thirstiest people on planet earth. I’d rather have all my toe nails plucked off

  6. BravoXPosed

    It’s probably cut short between proverbial record-scratch of the sudden plea deal, and I bet a lot of footage was left on the cutting room floor from when they were filming with Jennie Nguyen and then had to throw it all out. For courthouse episodes presumably it’s about some of them going with her to NYC and then the fallout/reaction to the plea deal bombshell.

    Ugh on Angie H but I guess that’s what happens when you reeeeeeaaaaally do everything in your power to stir up drama to get onto a show.

  7. Taco Bell Over Yoga

    Jen is not having a trial. She plead guilty. She is being sentenced.

  8. It’s About Tom

    Ughhh not Angie Harrington. She’s started so much false and unnecessary drama. Bring in someone new! Like a friend of Meredith’s, it just seems like she’s so disconnected from the women now that her and Lisa are at odds.

  9. D

    This sounds dubious. As others have mentioned, the short season is kind of weird.i can see them cutting back to 16 or 18 eps not including reunions, but 13? Is it even worth it. And they better be filming the reunion by the end of the year. As of today, Jen’s sentencing date is late november (the 28th, I believe). Unless it gets pushed back again (admittedly, this could definitely happen), then she will likely start serving her sentence in January. The judge may allow her to stay home through the holidays and turn herself in early january, but they aren’t gonna give her months and months after sentencing to hang out. Things can happen rather fast after sentencing unless there’s a special circumstance


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