The truth about Girardi!

Nov 3, 2022

From a follower: check out this email I just got from the CA state bar (I’m an attorney). it attaches a link to a 50 page letter detailing all of Tom Girardi’s disciplinary actions.

Girardi link


  1. The Ugly Mess

    The truth is…he’s a POS. So is she.

  2. Just Say'n

    Holy crap this asshole was ripping people off all the way back to the 1980’s. Hope he likes the heat because he’s going to end up in hell at the end of the day for what he did to all of these victims

  3. GingerMinge

    I work in health care and know zero about attorneys. Is it normal for one to have so many complaints against them?! And then so many of the complaints closed for “insufficient evidence”? I’m just thinking about my license and if I had had that many complaints it would have been yanked after like 2 lol. Not comparing apples to apples, but am curious if this is normal for attorneys.

  4. She’s still gross

    Hear me out..her behavior AFTER the fact has been disgusting (that’s putting it nicely). But I don’t think that she was aware of all of his “wrongdoings” in his career while being married to him. He doesn’t seem the type to come home and complain to her. He didn’t think too highly of her…she was arm candy…a “Barbie” doll to him. Just my unsolicited opinion.

  5. Hmmmm

    Given how far these go back, will only play in her favor. I am certain she was unaware of his actions, but enjoyed the money for as long as she could. He got what he wanted from her and had his arm candy.


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