Mainly dealt with…

Nov 3, 2022

Just listened to your latest podcast..

Our company has done a lot of work for N*****. Especially in the beginning of her companyand we mainly dealt with one of the owners G****. Just saying.


  1. I beg your pardon

    Not me thinking this was the n-word. Lawd.

  2. ?

    Naomi is really showing her character of what a vile human she is. Sleeps w Whitney to get on the show. Tries to take her partner out of the equation in business. She plays dirty and she is low. Not a fan

  3. WYKYK

    I never like her or the way she spoke to Craig. Such an elitist. Hope she is off next season.

  4. Name

    Agree with ??
    The only time I thought she was a nice person was when she was friends with Kathryn but obviously that was all for the show too. Glad Craig was released from her BS.

  5. Sew Down South

    Naomie from Southern Charm and her ex business partner Ginny

  6. Is Ginny lying?

    Naomi’s counter claim states Ginny was never an owner and includes affidavits from the CPA for the company and and affidavit from Ginny’s former employer that does not put her in a good light. If Ginny was a supposed 50% partner, how is it that she never spoke to an attorney or signed any documents. Is she that dense that she never questioned where the documents were that showed this or is she lying?

  7. Craig

    Okay Naomie ^^

  8. Sc watcher

    I think unfortunately Ginny took Naomi at her word and didn’t ask for paperwork. Even if Ginny stole it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a case re the partnership. Those two things don’t cancel each other out like they said on the podcast.

  9. Eh

    With the docs Naomi has provided, this vague blind feels pretty pathetic.

  10. JC

    Can’t be %50 owner she had to have been %49… for this very reason


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