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Nov 3, 2022

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That recent A list divorce? Don’t believe what we’re hearing in the media. It’s about politics. She is super liberal and he is planning a run in Florida. She was not down with that at all. If you google you’ll see articles mentioning this. THAT was what caused the split.

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  1. Leo

    Giselle and Tom. Good for her

  2. C

    Tom Brady and Giselle?!!! Who’s voting for him?!!

  3. Not #12

    Brady and Giselle?

  4. Are you kidding

    Is that why Tom Brady switched to a FL team too? So he could run for Senate in a Republican state? Wow.

  5. SunshineStateofMind

    Gisele and Tom… liberals don’t fair too well in the sunshine state.

  6. Pelofan

    Gisele and Tom

  7. Emilt714

    Def Brady and Gisele

  8. Uhmmm

    Tom and Gisele? They’ve been married for 13 years and he’s always been openly Republican so It’s not like she was blindsided for all these years. It seems like a stretch.

  9. Thanee

    Gisele and Tom B

  10. Anon

    Tom and Gisele? I don’t see him running. This sounds like BS lol

  11. Don’t let it be about Tom

    Could this be Tom and Giselle? He was tied to Trump in 2016…

  12. She’s better off without him

    Makes sense. Tom is choosing political career before his marriage. If your spouse doesn’t want to be thrust into political limelight, you’d think you would put family first and choose them. I’m not surprised he belongs to the party that puts party before all else.

  13. Anonymous

    It’s probably less about him being Republican vs. it means more time away from family… jumping from one time consuming career to another… also another career that lets you be validated/glorified a lot.

  14. Wanda

    Team Giselle

  15. Ha

    Not true.

  16. KEL

    Given how incredibly passionate TB12 is about football, and the fact he’s already signed with Fox Sports for an analyst gig, this seems unlikely.

  17. Ew

    Good luck….single people don’t usually get voted in for positions, at least not the big ones.

  18. Bee

    I guess Tom is trying to set up his next career move for when he finally does retire even if it seems like it’s not his style. He did say he was friends with Trump for 15+ years and has purposely not spoken about politics even when asked. Recently Tim Michels (WI gubernatorial candidate) claimed that Ron Densantis was in Green Bay, WI for a Packers game and Desantis claimed (probably more like boasted?) that he texts with Brady. It’s been long rumored that Desantis wants to run for President LOL Let’s hope Brady isn’t the next Brett Favre accepting millions from a state welfare fund.

  19. DayDayMiMi

    Ha ha I guess I’m the only one who thought Meghan king.

  20. Liberal

    They may have been married for 13 years but being republican means a completely different thing now than it did then. I could see this being a huge deal.


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