The Watcher

Nov 2, 2022

I know the original owners very well, have been close to the family for almost 13 years. I know things that were not released to the public. This was never a hoax. The children were young and this deeply effected the family for years. The letters were way more disturbing that the one that was released. The show is 90% false. The List house is on the other side of town too. This family was put through hell and they are the nicest most generous family. They were Super involved in the town and local church and the town turned their back on them. If you all knew what we do, you would have never moved in either. And they weren’t doing crazy renovations, they were putting French drains in the basement bc the house hadn’t been updated. To put in the French drains they had to jack hammer the floors and the a-hole who was living off his parents for 60 years got pissed bc of the noise. Not to mention, the previous owners got a letter and never disclosed it. Anon please


  1. Westfield country club rendezvous

    Wow! This is so intriguing, another layer. I really had NO idea that the list murders and the watcher house were even in the same town!?

  2. Amanda

    This is legit. @ashleymerry did a deep dive on the case and this aligns with all of the facts which are known

  3. Clueless

    I am completely lost. What are we even talking about here?

  4. NJ local

    NY post has articles from years ago about watcher house….long before the show it was beyond creepy!! Also awesome podcast on list murders. (Two are Not related)

    Westfield….they have a Trader Joe’s with alcohol (unlike the rest of NJ)….they also have creepy watchers!!!

  5. JamiP

    The show is obviously based on the story. It’s not meant to be an accurate depiction of the events…as it clearly says based on true events.


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