Taking a long break…

Nov 2, 2022

We were sent a rumor that RHOBH is taking a long break like RHONY (via Deux Moi)

Our source says:


  1. Therapist

    I think some need intensive therapy (erika and rinna). Maybe that time can be used for that.

  2. WYKYK

    Probably producers don’t have the guts to make the hard call casting decisions, just like in NY…allegedly.

  3. Sk

    I don’t think that can be compared to the RHONY break ?

  4. Bye ashy

    Just fire Rinna already and move on. Wtf. We didn’t want RHONY to stop either.

  5. Let’s go Barbie

    I can’t imagine this being true. RHNYs ratings were down, cast didn’t get along and the HR investigations. I’m sure they’re scrambling to make cast tweaks if they replace someone (Rinna) with someone that will have a good draw.

  6. Lies.

    I call BS. RHOBH is a cash cow for Bravo and the women. No way they would support a break like NY.

  7. Give me a break

    I like how it says they are exhausted from the fans when all the fans have done is react to the toxic behaviour displayed by the housewives. But sure, blame the fans.

  8. Tara

    The fans are nuts. It’s the top rated show. And they don’t have the Rinna energy for actual monsters like Teresa or Jen Shah. Be careful what you wish for, fans. You are RHOC-ing one of our best shows. But I’m team Garcelle. Stop litigating it in social media and let the work you all have done speak for itself as the episodes come out. Hope we get back to that. But firm believer the only firing needs to be Diana. Bring in a Crystal or Garcelle friend to replace. Demote Rinna & Dorit to save money. Done.

  9. Goodbye Kyle!

    If they are taking a break, it’s probably because Kyle isn’t ready to film. Kyle is the Theresa Guidice of Beverly Hills. They’d rather put production on hold rather than film without her.

  10. Kyle

    Agreed. It’s not the fans that they get rich off of. They are sick of the silly games played by the Fox Force Four. They are all afraid of Rinna because she’s a wild card. Kyle had an effing breakdown at the reunion. And it looked like Rinna and Erika enjoyed every minute of it.Kyle got played and she needs a break. So they are likely postponing filming because of her. I guess the production staff won’t have a merry Christmas without the income.

  11. Sally Draper’s Therapist

    As long as they’re not doing it in hopes that the uproar over Rinna’s abhorrent behavior settles down by the time they return next season. Maybe they think fans won’t be as vocal about their (100% earned) disgust with her. AFAIC she can fade into oblivion.

  12. BH fan

    I find this hard to believe! At Bravocon their panel was the most popular! Maybe they aren’t filming until January but not much longer than that.

  13. L stephens

    It’s b/c Bravo has lost control of my creative vision there may have ever been. It’s all just alcohol fueled fighting, toxic drama w/ people in financial trouble. And Bravo has no moral compass when it comes to cast members who are homophobic, racist etc all they care about is ratings. I’m kinda done with Bravo period. Way too toxic

  14. JC

    Wahhh let me call the wahmbulance. They’re tired of the job they signed up for? Well there are thousands of other women ready and waiting to take their place if they’re not up to it.

  15. Karen

    So that means no casting decisions so that means more of Rinna’s obnoxious posts! Ugh


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