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Nov 2, 2022

: Westfield NJ

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Definitely not a hoax. I live a town over from Westfield and have close friends there. People were terrified when it happened. People did turn their back on them because of the negative publicity it brought the town. The show made the owners look so stupid which isn’t helping their case. The police were super dismissive because they were trying to protect the town’s boujee and like idyllic reputation. People are not happy about the show because it’s bringing tons of people to the house and has brought a renewed interest to the John List case. That house was demolished ages ago but people are going to the Watcher house thinking they’re the same. It’s definitely the town’s MO to hide the ugly stuff

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  1. Friendly Neighbor

    Something else that no one has talked about. When they bought it, it was an exclusive listing, it was sold and bought repped by the same broker house. It never hit the MLS. It was only local knowledge that the house sold. Apparently the original owners got a letter when “someone” saw them packing. Then realized they left and sent the new owners the first letter. Everyone knows who the watcher is, he’s long gone now and they will never get the closure they deserve.

  2. Westfield watcher

    I don’t think the police were trying to protect the town’s reputation honestly but they did mess the investigation up. I agree that this was not a hoax. My sister lives around the corner from the house and thinks it was just an angry neighbor. There are a lot of people driving by the house since the show released and the neighborhood is not pleased….

  3. Westfielder

    I live in Westfield and the List house was actually burned down under ” suspicious circumstances” meaning in the 70s after it happened the people of the town set it on fire.

  4. Westfielder

    I don’t know why you say everyone knows who HE is they did do DNA on the envelope and it was a woman’s. That’s part of the show is actually true.

  5. Friendly Neighbor

    The letter was sent through the mail, it wasn’t placed in the mailbox. I lived in Westfield when this happened and know the owners. The person under suspicion never supplied his DNA nor anyone from that household and they couldn’t court order him. DNA samples were all voluntary. When I say “we” it’s the people who know the neighborhood well. The Blvd was a sought after location on the South side, the older smaller homes were being torn down to build the large ones you see today. The older generation was not happy about it, tons of complaints about the history being removed, they didn’t care if values went up bc they were never moving.

  6. Need to Know More

    Can someone share a general synopsis of the show / reality behind the story? I haven’t watched the show yet but I’m intrigued.


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