More on BH postponement …

Nov 2, 2022

From a source:

Sources directly involved in the show initially believed the show would return to filming the next season in November but now believe it’s best to give the cast/production team some time off/ a break. The sources do not describe it as a RHONY situation and strongly believe filming will resume in January. This would push a new season airing to like late summer/early next Fall.


  1. Kim Richards

    I wonder if they’re also doing this so they can air Farrah’s wedding since she’s getting married in the spring?

  2. Honestly good

    It’s good because all the ladies said at the reunion that they wanted a more fun season. They need some space from each other and the opportunity for wounds to heal

  3. Calisteve

    I think this was their plan all along. To start filming in January

  4. anon

    Annoying. I love watching any and all housewives during Christmas. Aka when they film. But also Rinna, erika and Kyle. Along with Kathy are all annoying.

  5. Tara

    Smart. Cool off. Fans are rabid right now.

  6. Your Mom

    This is so all the Rinna hate can die down

  7. Bex

    I feel like the producers are hoping the fans will forget how awful Rinna was In hopes they can bring her back.

  8. Cmon

    Not sure I’d call a 2 month break (Nov-Jan) a “postponement” it’s just two months people.

  9. Tar Heel Bravo Girl

    Annoying because it’s so transparently to protect Rinna and Kyle. It’s trying to give Rinna time to “rehab” her horrific soulless image and Kyle time to focus on Mau’s rival show and film Farrah’s wedding. I’m sure she used the “my mental health is so bad right now” to get postponement.


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