Still in the running…

Nov 1, 2022

From a source:

And as far as Rinna. It is NOT official that she is out. Rinna is still in the running.

allegedly from


  1. Andy

    Okay Rinna lol

  2. Titsmcgee

    Rinna that you?

  3. Bye Rinna

    Why is Bravo still supporting this woman? Her clear micro aggressions towards the the Dubai cast and garcelle aren’t enough to oust her?

  4. Girl Bye


  5. CharlestonBlonde

    No …no ….nope ….no thank you!!

  6. Manda

    it’s like they want us to stop watching RHOBH… I am done with the show if I have to see lips on the screen next season.

  7. Ronda

    Lol why is anyone paying attention to these? Every two hours it’s a new (and conflicting) rumor. Just wait for the official announcement.

  8. Bye wig

    Rinna’s such a cruel, fake person. What she did to Kyle as a “friend” is horrible. The sooner she goes, the better.

  9. Leave her

    Haven’t we learned anything from Kanye? Bullying and mental health issues shouldn’t be glamorize and need to be taken seriously. Clearly rinna falls in this category

  10. ComeOnBravo

    I really need Bravo to stop giving racists a platform. She’s not cute, she’s not funny. She and the other fff are constantly having double standards when it comes to Garcelle and Crystal. But production allows it.They are even contributing to it! Look at Garcelle and Crystal’s photos they use in the silver dresses. It doesn’t look like either of them.They are both completely stunning and yet the photos are so intentionally unflattering. Where all the other women are face airbrushed and edited to look 10 years younger.

  11. Sutton Ducks

    HaHaHa… Billie Reed got you shaking in your Nine Wests…
    Garcelle were is the results of your investigation… still waiting on that. So much whining from Garcelle in two seasons. Buck up Buttercup it’s Bravo.


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