Nov 1, 2022

From: RHOBH Debunked

Subject: RHOBH Szn 13

Spill It to
Most of your Beverly Hills tea is untrue. Kyle, Erika, Garcelle, Sutton will all be back full time. Dorit is still undecided if full time or not, but depends if Rinna is back. Crystal offered friend role but don’t know if she’ll accept. As of now Kathy not coming back, but hopefully can be convinced by Garcelle and Sutton to come. Cynthia Bailey and Teddi are DEFINITELY not involved whatsoever. Ali Landy is in talks which will be interesting since she has separate close relationships with both Kyle and Garcelle. Filming normally would’ve started by now, but they are waiting a little longer to figure everything out and also so the time of year of filming is a little different than usual.

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  1. Jan

    Sounds good to me

  2. Kim

    Ugh Erika….

  3. Lala

    Yeah it felt like Tamra or Teddi sent that blind in about her and Cynthia

  4. Karen

    I am hoping that Teddi isn’t coming back.
    Rather have Rinna gone than Erika. That’s saying a lot for me but that’s how bad Rinna has gotten

  5. Use to be a fan

    I cannot take another season of Erica, Lisa or Kyle. They ruined the show. I want to see some fun and genuine relationships.

  6. Gphilly

    I agree. I want it to go back to when it wasn’t about taking someone down. They need to hire people with real wealth so they don’t feel the need to “produce” in order to stay on the show.

  7. Lips need to be gone

    We DO NOT want Rinna or Teddi! Stop try to push Teddi back & make her a thing! We didn’t like her move on!

  8. CLTdawn

    I’m here for a Rinnaless Erika. I think storylines will move much quicker without Rinna around not letting the mouse go plus I’m curious to see Erika interact more with the other girls.

    And for the love, please NO Teddi!!!

  9. Buzz

    I will believe it when I see it.


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