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Nov 1, 2022

BREAKING: The nets allegedly are about to hire her Celtics coach boyfriend today and the Celtics will unlikely seek any compensation for him!! Hmmmm… must be a reason the Celtics want no part of him. Allegedly!

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  1. It’s me

    Lol he was suspended after having an affair w a Celtics staffer who he cheated on nia long with. it’s all over sports center and they fired Steve Nash the nets HC

  2. My BF Follows BBall

    We know why the Celtics don’t want anything to do with him. He had an affair with someone on staff. They want to get as far away from him as possible.

  3. It’s personal

    Y’all. This is the NBA people have affairs all the time. The bigger question is hoe was the person he had an affair with connected to the owners of the team. You know this was personal….

  4. Dogggggg

    Celtics want nothing to do with him because not only was it a staff but it was also one of the owners wives…. Multiple ladies!

  5. Whoknows

    She was family friends with Danny Ainge. Her and her husband work for the organization.

    Udoka was also said to be inappropriate with other lower level staff members.

    Personally, I feel like it has to be a bigger issue than those two things. Ainge isn’t even with the Celtics anymore so Unless she also had ties with current owners I don’t see how Ainge would have much pull over a Celtics head coach.


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