Trick or treat?!

Oct 31, 2022

From: OC Tea

Subject: OC Tea

Spill It to
I emailed about a week ago to tell you to expect to see the OG of the OC back filming with the cast on more occasions. Well, as you’ve probably seen she is on the cast trip in Cancun Mexico, but you’ll also expect to see her at the halloween finale party filming in the next couple days. Why you ask? Well, have you noticed Heather hasn’t been spotted filming at all this season? Something tells me the OG might have a little something to do with it after dropping some hot tea about HD to her two amigas.

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  1. NoThanks

    I’ll never understand why anyone would entertain bring her back. She’s just not fun, or funny, she isn’t a good friend, she’s a liar, and she’s a jealous, mean-spirited person. Other people do exist…I don’t get why Bravo is resurrecting people that are out to pasture. Sad because I’ve watched since day 1 but I’m out.

  2. l stephens

    Ok please just NO with icky. She is horrible & I would never watch this. Ughhhhhh

  3. Kim

    Bravo needs to get it to geth er! Loyal fans are done with the BS. It’s getting mean spirited. Bullied bullshit. It’s not fun TV anymore. We can only be loyal so long until we say so long….

  4. Therealreal

    I read HD as Harry Dubin lol


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