She’s filming again!

Oct 31, 2022

From: OG Of the OC

Subject: She’s filming again!

Spill It to
The OG of the OC is filming with the ladies, again!
The OC ladies went on a cast trip to Cancun and Vicki was with them.

This is the third time she has filmed for Season 17. What seemed to be a couple cameos is shaping up to be a friend of role.

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  1. VickieIckie

    Uuuuuugggggghhhhh whyyyyyyyyyyy?!?!? She’s literally the worst housewife. Can’t she just crawl in a hole somewhere and never be seen from again?

  2. Alejandro

    Yessss the OG is back

  3. karl


  4. No no no

    Gross. She’s mean spirited, narcissistic and her shrieking kills my ears. nO

  5. Dorinda

    As long as she makes it nice

  6. Icki

    Guess I won’t be watching

  7. Stacy

    Gross! Vicki is a vile human being. Anyone who would like about having cancer just for a storyline is deeply disturbed. It’s disgusting that Andy or anyone at Bravo would condone this. Make no mistake, condone it is putting that thing back on TV.

  8. That’s a no from me dawg

    I was beyond excited for this season, now not so much. Vicki is the “woe is me” girl. Always complaining, jealous of Tamera, can dish it but can’t take it. Why would we want to see her on our screens again!?

  9. Katie

    I cannot wait to see Vicki back! She’s my fav or the OC!!

  10. OG girly!

    Yes!!! She’s great TV, shoulda never left… who cares that she thinks it her show, it what makes her so funny, how out of touch she is

  11. L Stephens

    Oh helllll no Bravo. Icky is just the most vile person ever. I’m sure she’s threatened Tamra within an inch of her life to get her back on the show. Hideous idea. They’re trying to recreate the drunken Mexico trips from years ago. I would NEVER watch this. And Bravo needs to stop with this. She’s just awful. The shrieking & whining & entitled attitude. Noooo & byeee

  12. Icki

    Big thumbs down. She’s vile


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