More drama…

Oct 31, 2022

RE tres amigas….. Something happened (bad or good or weird not sure) with Tamra and Shannon. Kelly and Rick were on Jeff Lewis Friday and she made an under her breath comment about “are we going to talk about Tamra and Shannon??” Jeff and Megan immediately SHUT IT DOWN. Usually Jeff teases but this was a no go zone for him, rare.

allegedly from


  1. Aggster84

    I think Shannon and Tamra are mad at Kelly

  2. Chump

    Jeff said about a week ago on his show Shannon called him worried that Kelly was going to be on his show because something had happened and she asked Jeff not to talk about it.

  3. KellyBravoCharlie

    He’s friends with Shannon. Maybe that’s why

  4. Chrissyrae

    I bet after him saying things about her and her boyfriends relationship he’s staying far away from that ?

  5. Kelly

    Shannon is his BFF. Of course he SHUT IT DOWN! LOL

  6. Jennifer

    Maybe she said Taylor instead of Tamra? There was that story about Taylor and Shannon being drunk and obnoxious at a concert last week. And you know Kelly would LOVE to bring that up!


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