Honky Tonk bail out?

Oct 30, 2022

From: Nashville Atalanta
Email: country@housewives.com

Subject: Honky Tonk bail out!

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The former housewife who’s home is being foreclosed next week? Rumor is her country star friends are sending an associate to bid on her foreclosure, cash money, with plans to rent it to them until they can scrounge up enough to move to Nashville. The country star will sell his income producing rental property once the housing market recovers.

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  1. Haley


  2. No to the Biermanns

    Nashville does not want anymore wanna be celebrities.

  3. Tarty 4 the party

    The aldeans and Kim Z.B

  4. Wig’s for Dayz


  5. Brandy

    Kim & Kroy are friends with Jason and Brittany Aldean. This is wild!

  6. WYKYK

    But can they afford to pay rent? If they had rent money, wouldn’t they have been paying down their loan?

  7. Karen

    If this happens will she curse at us losers and say it was all BS?

  8. Rae

    Lol, I live in Nash & it’s pricey. Kim Z won’t be able to afford living here either.

  9. Tardy for the mortgage

    This is embarrassing AF from all angles.

  10. Georgia Peach

    Once the housing market recovers? I just moved from their gated community (outside of Atlanta proper) and houses are going well over asking. Not sure how much more they can “recover” from here.

  11. The only Kash they got

    It’s likely the back rent is so high but they could afford monthly starting with a new payment. People who live beyond their means when they don’t have to make me sick.

  12. Tara

    I would be really shocked if the Aldeans would want to get involved with this mess. But we will see.

  13. Titsmcgee

    The Aldeans continue to be the worst

  14. Veronicar

    Will their adult children move with them to Nashville since they still live at home too?

  15. justheretotalkshit

    I believe it, look at her instagram.. i noticed it a few days ago

  16. Jk

    Makes no sense. If they have gotten the money however they’d just clear the debt no need to bid.

  17. CanAffordMyHouseinAtlanta

    Aldean’s wife commented on KZ’s IG, something like, ” Now, lets get you moved to Nahsville!” So, there is that. Birds of a feather.


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