Her view isn’t correct…

Oct 30, 2022

From: Truth Hurts
Email: na@gmail.com

Subject: Her view isn’t correct

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
This television personality promotes family values, but her husband is estranged from his whole family. There is no contact and they haven’t even met their child. She is very controlling and demanding. There is a huge age difference between her and her husband. They moved to Florida because the tension became too much. Take a little time to enjoy the truth!

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (https://bravoandcocktails.com)

allegedly from bravoandcocktails.com


  1. The View From Florida?

    Ana Navarro? Some of the details are throwing me off but the clues are giving Ana Navarro.

  2. Anon pls

    Meghan McCain?

  3. Not AViewer

    Sara Haines?? I thought maybe Meghan McCain but she and her husband are similar is age. I don’t watch the view anymore. I had to look this up. Lol

  4. Nancy

    Not Anna. She didn’t move to Miami, they’ve both been here and they don’t have kids.

  5. A Viewer for years

    Maybe someone’s who’s not a host anymore, like Jedediah Bila who is 13 years older than her husband.

  6. Guess

    No idea about the details of her life but Candace Cameron bure?

  7. Who cares

    Have you ever considered that someone who promotes family values may have made a choice to be estranged due to toxic relatives? Why is it so difficult for people to understand it’s ok to protect yourself and your family from other family who may not be healthy. That choice alone is 100% in alignment with maintaining family values. People shouldn’t have to subject themselves or their kids to toxic unhealthy environments, even when it’s family related. No judgement here, I actually applaud that choice. Mental health before toxic family ya’ll!

  8. Been there

    Take this with a grain of salt please. I dealt with terribly toxic in-laws for years. They were good at hiding how nasty and manipulative they were to everyone outside their family. I wish I had spoken up before they ultimately destroyed my marriage. This reads like it’s written by a toxic family member – calling her controlling and accusing her of keeping the child from them. Has all the hallmarks of a villain acting like a victim.

  9. Who Knows

    Or Debbie Matenopoulos??

  10. Red wave!!!

    No way is it Candace Cameron Bure. Her husband is similar in age and they don’t have a baby… three grown children.

  11. Good Googler

    It has to be Ana Navarro on the view, based off the subject of the email and the last line, which is how the view ends its show (or at least used to, haven’t watched it in years). There’s a 20+ year age difference.

  12. Kait

    I’m thinking the realtor from Selling Sunset Christine – all those facts apply

  13. Osmom

    Family Values.. and Miami makes me think family karma??

  14. Kate

    It’s Jedediah. She was on the View for 2 seasons before she was replaced by Megan McCain. Her husband is younger and they moved to FL during the pandemic. I know way too much about the View

  15. Ryan

    It is 100% Jerediah Bila. Why are you all saying Ana like she just had a kid at 50+?! Jed was on the view, then on fox, and moved to FL and recently had a kid. And she’s a MONSTER ON TWITTER and a total B!


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