She quit…

Oct 29, 2022

From a source:

Just between us, Lisa Rinna quit at the end of the reunion, but they cut out that footage at the last minute. It was likely a threat but she said it.

allegedly from


  1. L Stephens

    I don’t believe that for a hot minute. Lisa would never “quit”. I call total BS on this.

  2. Eileen

    Lol yeah they definitely would have aired it too had it been said

  3. Bravoholic

    Lisa? That you? Sending blinds of yourself

  4. She wishes

    Lisa would absolutely quit so that she could say she wasn’t fired. That being said I would MUCH rather her be fired lol

  5. Bully (stick) Rinna

    This says “from a source” and not a random email entry. If this is true, Rinna said it because Kathy shut her down and/or she saw the writing on the wall.

  6. Kim

    I call BullSh*t!

  7. Jk

    Agree. She needs the coins not to mention attention!

  8. Calisteve

    Rinna needs the check.

  9. Lisafuckingrinna

    I hope ? she is done.

  10. hi girls.

    …after they fired her she quit lolll

  11. Mary

    I’m guessing this happened after the unaired part where Rinna’s receipts fell flat and were ultimately dismissed and not included in the show. Also, bravo protects Rinna to a point. The part where she lied about Harry’s sauce and admitted this to Sutton and garcelle was never brought up because it would have painted Rinna as a verified liar.

  12. Lala

    Bravo stop protecting this rat infested hag of a woman

  13. karl

    part of me wants to say she did so she can live on that and say i quit blah blah blah, but part of me if like shes so thirsty i cant see her quitting, she loves to make money

  14. ErikasEarrings

    Hahahahah. Hi Lisa

  15. Nic

    All these people wanting Rinna fired are frustrating me. don’t get it! I don’t like her either but it will be the best season yet if she and Kathy come back. If they get rid of all the ones who stir the pot it will be like watching the last season of RHOC over and over again!


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