Feuding or scheming?

Oct 28, 2022


Subject: Feuding or scheming?

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Former besties who aren’t anymore on popular seasonal show. Sounds to me like their storylines were in question and they pulled a page out of another show (which is now cancelled) book. Why not feud with said best friend?

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  1. Kristi Dabney

    Oh wait! Danielle and Lindsey

  2. Ash

    Sounds like Danielle and Lindsay but I’m not buying it. They both secured their spots and storyline’s for this season without needing to scheme – Lindsay and Carl and the drama between Danielle and Ciara would have been enough.

  3. Not Danielle

    I think this all the time about Linds. Her career is PR! I love her. She makes herself the bad guy but still makes it seem authentic. Unlike some others. But you believe she’s like that while she secures her spot year after year.

  4. Says

    Lindsey pegs, undoubtedly. For pleasure on her end.

  5. Bad Mormon

    Heather and Whitney?? There is another blind about them being friendly at beauty lab recently.

  6. D

    It says they AREN’T on a popular seasonal show. So I don’t think its Lindsey and Danielle.

  7. SpillTheJuicey

    Dorit & Erika

  8. Ap

    Heather and Whitney – SLC

  9. Read it again D

    Hey D, It says former besties who aren’t anymore on a popular show… that doesn’t say the show isn’t popular. It says they aren’t besties. It’s poorly written.

  10. K L

    I’ve been thinking this ever since Danielle talked about how she was struggling with the tres amigos dynamic changing at the reunion. It seems too convenient that it’s now the only storyline anyone’s talking about…

  11. Maka

    What is the cancelled show tho

  12. K_1

    This doesn’t make sense. Lindsay has the whole Carl relationship, trying to drink less, something relating to fertility. Danielle has Robert, new business, possible move to Charleston or a break up & the opposite of those things. Plus, the ongoing Ciara beef.

  13. BravoObsessed

    Cancelled show Dallas, besties who feuded were Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman. I loved Dallas until the last season whenKameron Wescott ruined it all (Brandi and Kathy helped ruin it too). Crystal was the only redeeming thing about the show that season. Well I guess so was LeeAnne Locken.

    Feuding friends now are Danielle Olivera and Lindsay Hubbard


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