BH filming soon!

Oct 28, 2022

From: Beverly Hills

Subject: Beverly hills season 13 filming!

Spill It to
BH13 filming begins soon. Premiere party will be hosted by none other than Kathy Hilton. It will be at Paris Hilton’s first wedding anniversary party (11/11)
Despite fan’s pleas Lisa will still be on for season 13. Everybody else (including Crystal!) has also been asked back. Diana Jenkins will not be returning

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  1. Melissa Gorgas real nose

    I dont believe this. There’s no premiere parties for first day of filming, only for season premiere. Plus, Kathy certainly would not return with Rinna

    Rinnas new publicist probably submitted this

  2. botched lips

    “despite fan’s pleas” just proves bravo doesn’t give af about what the fans actually want. i guess constant harassment and bullying is what they want for their show. after really hoping this would be her last, i hope the ratings show how hated she really is. no point in watching as long as she’s on since it’s all fake and so is she.

  3. Jan

    Well then I think I am done , it’s too much for me . Watching a family torn up for a show is way over the top , cannot stand Lisa any more . EJ is also boring , I have been watching since day 1

  4. maybe next time…

    welp looks like I’ll be skipping next season of BH!

  5. Why Rinna, whhhhy??


  6. Loose lips

    You have got to be shitting me. Who else is ready to boycott till Bravo listens? ?

  7. Goawayrinna

    NOOOOOOOO LISA NOOOOOO just go away. Why doesn’t bravo listen to the fans???

  8. Goodbye Crystal

    Nothing against crystal but she’s not a good fit with these ladies. Maybe she can have her one Vite reality TV show about her family but housewives wasn’t for her

  9. Bravo-Out

    Rinna back? I’m done. Nothing like condoning and endorsing a bully by paying her to come back. Very disappointed. But not surprised.

  10. Just say'n

    I don’t believe this. Didn’t Kathy Hilton say she won’t return if the cast remains the same

  11. Mary

    As Leslie Jordan used to say “Well, shit!”. So I’m assuming Kathy is coming back too? I can’t imagine she would come back. Rinna and Erika are just going to spend next season bringing ip aspen nonstop. Truly disgusted with Bravo.

  12. Mary

    No way does Paris or Kathy allow Erika and Rinna to attend the premier party. No way

  13. Ugh

    I really hope this person is wrong about Lisa. I can’t stand her.

  14. Cunt Spear Asee

    If everything here is true… Rinna was paid off to shut her mouth & play nice by giving a 1 yr contract. Kathy was given an o$$er she can’t refuse. Still would be stupid to give Rinna a contract. I think she called a producer a lier, her own rep “fired” her (it’s telling when someone who makes money off of you doesn’t want you) and she has proven she cannot be trusted.

  15. Lauren

    I don’t know if I can watch another season with Lisa, I honestly thought she’d be out. Might’ve lost a viewer or two over this

  16. Ew

    Nooooooo!!! I have been so excited for Rinna to take her drama off our screens! It’s so exhausting! I can’t do another season with her like this!!!

  17. Ij

    No just no on Rinna

  18. Amanda

    They’re gonna let BH run itself into the ground like OC and NY. We want more fun like SLC and Potomoc

  19. Kim

    Seriously? This will be the end all of Bh. People are over the Renna and Erika bs. It’s not good for this franchise. I’ve been a fan since day one. This is a total bravo shit show and not in a good way. This is more of a star magazine vs people magazine moment. Get it together Andy.

  20. No Sale

    How can there be a premier party when there is nothing to premiere? 11/11 is in a few weeks. Also, No way is Paris Hilton going to share her 1st anniversary party With these women. I don’t buy any of this.

  21. Lazy

    Yay! I may be alone, but I love Lisa!

  22. KK

    I think Lisa is great TV.

  23. Whaaa

    This sounds fake af. What are they going to show that’s been filmed and edited in 2 weeks ? Definitely, not a whole new season.

  24. Hilton had us

    I’m not mad Rinna is back. Highest rating this year because of Rinna. Did she exaggerate of course. But I think Kathy is a horrible person. But lots of people are buying her bullshit. I just hope there’s no off camera drama this year.

  25. Ugh

    Is this from someone at the network to test the water to see how “fans” react to Lying, Evil Azz Rinna returning or Kathy returning. Wouldn’t be surprised. Bravo works from a reactive position always. Wait to see how big the backlash is instead of making decisions based on ethics. Nazi uniform wearing Rinna was always bad. Bravo made her more unhinged. No wonder Harry spends his time in the wilderness. He can’t stand to be around her. But she’s bringing in a check. Lol

  26. Titsmcgee

    Fine with me. I just won’t be watching anymore. It’s completely not worth it. I hate everyone except Garcelle crystal and Sutton. By far the Worst show in this franchise and take the fans for granted

  27. Lala

    Bravo, please lmk why you fired Luanne and Sonja but continue to keep these old hags on? Minus Garcelle Sutton and crystal ofc. Rest of em are hags

  28. Yees

    I want so see Kathy teaming up with Garcelle, Sutton and Crystal to drag Lisa and Erika next season. Including watching the fff imploding. Wondering who Kyle will throw under the bus, and the following repercussions. I think this could be gold!
    And I want Lisa to have to answer for her cruel behavior ON camera, not be put on pause and “escaping”

  29. Kel Red

    I stopped watching when they ran off LVP.


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