Sober and sexy…

Oct 27, 2022

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Listening to the new pod now, and you’re talking about Gina from OC and how great she looks and she does! She is sober so that could be part of why she looks so healthy! Also if you notice during the WWHL bravocon taping, she does the shot ski. Her glass has tape around the it that says water. You can see her slight panic during it to make sure she got the right one.

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  1. heidi

    Oh great, another sober housewife. How fun to watch.

  2. J

    Gross. Let’s not shit on people’s sobriety for the sake of your entertainment

  3. NarcExpert

    What a disgusting thing to say.

  4. Gigi

    I was wondering about the shot ski if someone doesn’t drink… I think it’d be hard being a sober housewife with all the shenanigans that make it a fun watch

  5. Kim Lo

    Personally, yea, I appreciate sober people celebrating and being sober. Buried a lot of alcoholics. Your rather glib comment like drunk people are mere entertainment when people out here overcoming addictions on the real world is just bleh.
    They are people outside of your 1 hour a week entertainment.

  6. Spicy

    Love this for her! Being drunk and sloppy just isn’t a good look anymore

  7. Sober Sally?

    Proud of her, and anyone that’s sober on bravo! Drinking in general is overrated (use marijuana instead) but I can’t imagine being on a reality show while drinking ?

  8. Jackie Collens

    Your comment says a lot about you.. Do better.

  9. Tina

    So boring choosing health over dying or possible addiction issues. Healthful people how boring.

  10. You Are Gross

    Ew. How does anyone criticize someone for choosing to be sober.

  11. Sober Sally

    Come on Heidi, be better ? don’t come back here and say “it was a joke” bc it’s not.

  12. Megan

    That is funny as hell tho! Tbh ☠️☠️☠️

  13. SJPC

    She’s already not a fan fave, and sorry to say it is a little more boring when they are completely sober. Fall down sloppy drunk isn’t attractive either, but seeing housewives/girlfriends out for drinks, dinner etc is just what you want to see. I said what I said.?

  14. heidi

    It’s not a joke. It is how I feel whether you like it or not.

  15. heidi

    Correct, I like the sloppy ones like Luanne in the bushes.

  16. heidi


  17. Veronicar

    The final season of NYC was so boring with Leah and Luann both sober. Gina is already broke and boring.

  18. Kim

    Way to go Gina! Great thing to overcome ! It is not easy! You should be proud of your journey.


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