No apples?

Oct 27, 2022

From: Andy MoHen
Email: [email protected]

Subject: RHONY reboot changes…

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The new rebooted RHONY’s won’t hold apples… the legacy cast will. The new wives will hold statues of the Chrysler Building instead.

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  1. B

    Lame! 😂 they should do apples for all but diamond apples for legacy & gold for new. Hell a rat or pizza slice but not a building!

  2. AnonymousCreeper

    But they were holding apples at Bravocon when they were introduced. I could see them holding red apples and legacy holding gold apples

  3. Lame

    That’s kind of tacky and makes it seem like they’re not actual housewives from New York then… Major oversight.

  4. Karen

    Many people outside of NY really knows that much about the bldg.

    Statue of Liberty perhaps

  5. Ginny

    This is it true lol

  6. RHONYWife

    They should all hold a Statue of Liberty.

  7. Lady Liberty

    The f’ing Chrysler building?! This show already sounds like a disaster

  8. BMRGal

    Yes, I was thinking the same!


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