Oct 26, 2022


Subject: Desperate to stay relevant

Spill It to
I USED to be friends with this ex bar star and let me just say that I wouldn’t be surprised if any blinds sent in about her and her husband are sent in by the couple themselves. They are desperate to stay relevant and in the spotlight. Pretty soon I am sure they will be pushing their child in the spotlight. Allegedly.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (


  1. karllll

    its a vanderpump
    either jax or stassi

  2. Tara

    Oh this has to be about Stassi. Lol.

  3. Kathy's Conga Line

    Thirsty Jax and country bumpkin Brittany

  4. WYKYK

    Jax and Britt? They need the $$, he needs the validation.

  5. Lala

    Nope Stassi and her thirsty husband . She keeps sending in blinds about herself

  6. Not surprised

    Definitely about Jax & Brittany. There are hardly ever blinds about Stassi.

  7. Osmom

    I mean Stassi is back on the podcast scene…

  8. JMO

    “Her and her husband” gives feels of Stassi…Jax would make more sense if “him and his wife”

  9. Not always jax

    Gutta be stassi, ex bar star and then husband is referred to as her husband. If it was jax I think they would say “his wife”

  10. Give me More

    We’re going to need another detail. This could be either Jax or Stassi.
    Too vague a description.

  11. Just say'n

    I think Beau has an actual job. I’m going with Jax and Granny Clampett

  12. Ellie Mae

    “Granny Clampett” ?????

  13. Thirsty

    Sounds like it could be Scheana and Brock too

  14. Get a Job

    Stazzi and Beau. Anything to not get real jobs.

  15. Tilly

    Wait did stassi and Beau send in that blind about Beau cheating???

  16. Crazyyyy

    Scheana and Brock!

  17. Brock’s wife

    This blind sounds like it was sent in by a hater ! Hi Scheana!
    Lol.. if you don’t like Stassi then don’t listen to her or follow her—simple! It’s pathetic to keep downing her when she’s trying to live her life, grow, learn from her mistakes & guess what there are people who do like her & what she posts!

  18. Tittiesmcgee

    It can’t be scheana shay! It’s says EX bar star!

  19. Vpr fan

    Jax did just unblock “blocked by Jax” and there was a recent blind about an ex bar star cheating right before the wedding… hmmm wouldn’t be suprised since Jaxs closet isnt selling much

  20. Polly Pocket

    This reads like Jax is posting the blind trying to point at Stassi and Beau. Beau has an actual paying job and Stassi is back on the pod scene. Jax and Brit should spend less time trying to make other people look back and more time in actual job interviews lol

  21. Can’t be cancelled

    Get a life! Stassi has fans & they have no problem forgiving her mistakes and allowing her to learn & grow.. if you don’t support her that is absolutely your right but also don’t buy her books or subscribe to her podcast or support her —- it’s really simple yet these trolls have nothing better to do than send in fake blinds like these. She seems to be doing quite well so I’m sure these haters are seething at that!

  22. Please

    Haha I don’t buy it. If this person was actually once friends with Stassi, sounds like Stassi cut them off and she’s bitter and making shit up.

  23. Title Reader

    Title says it all…” Desperate to stay relevant.” Jax was on Desperate Housewives so this is clearly about Jax and Beer Cheese.

  24. StassiStan

    Y’all saying Stassi have zero clue – she’s so content and happy with her low key family life.

    It’s obvi trashy Jax and Brittany. Jax just had a story saying their child’s been in commercials already (eyerolls)

  25. TAX and BRITT

    Obvi the Coochies.. Tax and Britt.. esp when you owe the IRS over $1mil… think they had the baby at a Disney audition recently too.

  26. Not Stassi

    I don’t buy that it’s Stassi. She has like double the followers of everyone else on the show. For me it reads like Jax. His insta wreaks of desperation.

  27. Nikk

    It reads “her and her husband” because it sounds like it is saying that they used to be friends with her. I definitely think Brit and Jax. Stassi is relevant.

  28. Titsmcgee

    Nah Stassi working overtime…

  29. Therealtitsmcgee

    Lol obvi stassi is sending those blinds in about herself it’s painfully obvious

  30. OscarMeyerWiener


  31. Sheana

    There was only 1 blind about Stassi while there has been 100s about Jax and Brittany. I think this blind is actually from Jax and Brittany!

  32. Not Jax

    So while one would assume Jax and Britt…the fact the post is about an ex bar star and then it says “sent in about HER and HER husband” leads me to believe it is Stassi. Britt dated into the show and if it was Jax id think the blind would read “him and his wife”. IMO

  33. Laura-Leigh

    I think it’s Jax. He is dm and unblocked bravo fan pages, like our angel blocked by jax, and straight up keeping convos with them. Bet him and Britney planned this whole thing to stay in the blogs n shit. Losers.

  34. Getting Jaxed

    It is not Beau and Stassi. Stassi and Beau have a podcast together. Plus Stassi just had another NYTimes best selling book and brought back her solo podcast. Plus Beau has a job and also does commercial acting. I haven’t seen any blinds that might point to them, I don’t think they live to be relevant. Jax and Brit on the other hand do. I’ve seen blinds that could be about them – plus they have well known tax issues – which have also been submitted as blinds. & there was a blind somewhere about them trying to get their son into the industry.


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