Straw that broke the camels back….

Oct 25, 2022

From: Bravo Insider

Subject: They are aware

Spill It to
The network is completely aware. It is said executives are going in to a “crisis mode” similar to what they did with the now one and done housewife out of Salt Lake City. They are trying to determine the best course of action. This may be the straw that broke the camel’s back! She may be done for real based on where discussions are currently at! We’ll know more after Part 3 this Wed!!!

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allegedly from


  1. Mary

    I’m sadly guessing this is about Kathy. Too obvious for Rinna and Rinna gets away with murder so nothing will happen to her

  2. Kick her to the curb

    Hopefully this is about Lisa Rinna. Yes she makes for good tv, but she’s gone too far and is turning viewers off.

  3. London Girl

    Rinna and the fake twitter account that was found out to be registered with the same IP address as her home (I think that’s how it works) the fake account has been attacking Garcelle / Kathy / Sutton etc (although mostly garcelle)

  4. Wanda


  5. Mary

    I’m telling you this is about Kathy. The homophobic slurs that Erika is going to accuse her of is why they are waiting to see what the fan backlash will be. They want her back but aren’t sure how fans will take the accusations. Erika is very confident fans will turn against Kathy after seeing part 3 of the reunion. From what I heard, Kathy does well against Rinna but not so well against Erika. I hope Kathy comes out of this without fan backlash.

  6. Bye Feli- Rinna

    Definitely Rinna after the Insta Story with her holding the gun, threatening someone.
    Anything other comments are mentioning wouldn’t send them into “crisis mode”. This is bravo after all and they’re used to shit. But the gun was another level

  7. Mary Kathy SLC

    Because they mentioned a one season SLC Housewife I suspect they are talking about Kathy. Mary was goofy and funny but made slurs. This is likely the reason she wasn’t asked back. Kathy seems to be in a similar predicament.

  8. Fancy Drew

    I read this as being about Rinna for her social media behavior and that the SLC housewife they are referencing was Jenny for her facebook posts. I don’t think it’s about Kathy because it’s hearsay to a certain degree and the rumors have been out there for a while so Bravo wouldn’t suddenly be in “crisis mode.” Whereas the Rinna being linked to the social media posting is new information.

  9. M

    Rinna posing with a gun threatening a man on social media plus the fake woke stan account linked to her.

  10. Who knows

    The wording of this blind item implies, to me, that the event sending them into crisis mode is recent. Kathy’s alleged racist remarks are almost a year old, so they’ve had plenty of time to handle it. I think the part about “we’ll see after part 3” refers more to them not making casting announcements until the full season has aired.. rather than referring to the content of the episode. I think.

  11. It’s her

    Mary was on the first two seasons, I assume the SLC housewife mentioned is Jenny who of course also was found out to be horrifically racist.

  12. CC79

    Unless there are receipts, Kathy using a slur is only an allegation. The one and done from SLC was Jennie, and there were definitely receipts.
    I’m going with Rinna on this one. So many documenting her deplorable behavior for years. The gun pic is the final straw.

  13. G'bye

    It doesnt say this housewife is a one and done though. Jennie was the housewife in SLC who was one and done after her racial slurs were released about BLM. It seems this could still fit Rinna after her “fake account” has gone after Garcelle and said awful things.

  14. Rinna

    Has to be Rinna with the gun, they wouldn’t be in crisis mode for something they’ve edited and have known about for months. That was way too far and I hope she takes accountability not just flippantly throws out “so put me on pause!”

  15. Bye Girl

    If it is a “one and done” then the only new HW this season was Diana.

  16. Soap stories

    Wow how dumb are you people to not realize the gun is from a soap opera.

  17. Clueless

    Jenny wasn’t racist

  18. Confused

    You hope she comes out of it even if she used homophobic slurs? I’m still confused why we are all pretending Kathy is a good person? At least Rinna doesn’t try to pretend?

  19. Anna

    Jenny didn’t display any racism on the show. However, some EXTREMELY racist posts were found on her Facebook and that’s why she got fired.


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