Somethings fishy….

Oct 25, 2022

From: Jen Nah

Subject: She’s MAD

Spill It to
Heather was super pissed that Jen was disinvited to BravoCon. Her and Jen had a plan to take their former besties down. It all fell on Heather. My ———, who works at BL, told me Heather is embarrassed that Jen was uninvited and was hoping their plan would make the crowd turn against LB. It’s weird Heather went after Whitney like she did, Whitney just came before a Bravocon and the 2 were buddy buddy. Me thinks something fishy is going on btwn those 2. Anon please!!!

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  1. Kt

    Heather is obsessed with Lisa .. it’s pretty weird

  2. Sit down Heather.

    Heather WISHES she was Lisa Barlow she’s so obsessed. Baby gorgeous is everything Heather isn’t and that kills Heather. Heather needs to find her true self and then start loving it, maybe then she won’t have this hateful heart. Mormonism is a sickness that takes years and years to heal from and she doesn’t seem like she wants to heal right now she’s in the FUCK IT zone. Hurt people, hurt people, shame shame.

  3. SC

    I’ve never understood the Heather hype.

  4. Over it

    Heather needs to get over this Lisa Barlow obsession. She is suuuuper jealous and bitter. I miss the fun Heather and could do without this two-faced vindictive Heather.

  5. Lala

    Ok Lisa^. The HYPE of Lisa is so blown out of proportion. She’s got spoiled rotten kids, a robot husband who can’t speak for himself, and a fake business. All her businesses are fake af. So yeah I don’t get the LB hype. At least Heather has interesting storylines

  6. Titsmcgee

    LB SUCKS. I bet all these responses are from her too. Heather is jealous? At what? Her fake businesses? I doubt it….

  7. Heather can go too

    I 100% believe jen has something on Heather.. how can you be that loyal to someone who was horrible to you?
    The way she’s treating Whitney is awful. I’m glad Whitney is finding her voice this season and not letting these women use her or walk all over her.. how does Heather still have such a large fan base when she kisses Jen’s ass when jen has targeted senior citizens??

  8. Winelovinmama87

    I dunno why Heather’s gotta be this way. She has a AMAZING business with great people that work there. She should focus on that. I get the fallout with the church when you have been indoctrinated for sooooooo long. Former Mormon here. But you gotta move on. Don’t worry Heather you are still getting into the Celestial Kingdom. But do better girl.

  9. Fake weather

    Whitney and Heather are making their fued a storyline..Jen’s got her shit, Lisa and marks hav there’s.. bad weather wanted to be included, so let’s produce it…maybe it turned into a ‘real’ rivalry after the fact but idk…seems fishy!

  10. Obvious

    Honestly, I think the only reason why Heather is even friends with Jen is because coach Shah has connections to the type of big athletic men that Heather seems to like.

  11. Pls

    I love both Heather and Lisa, I’m really hoping they become friends. But Heathers total loyalty to Jen is so off putting. Absolutely love her but why she chooses to stick by that monsters side is really beyond me.

  12. Angie’s former bff

    Hi Lisa Barlow ?? Are you getting tips from Rinna to write to Bravo blogs anonymously in favor of yourself?? Girl bye ???

  13. Good Heather (not weather)

    Heather could not care less about LB…or anyone tbh. She seems super secure and like a good person who has her shit together. She doesn’t strike me as the type of female to be hating like that UNLESS a person came for her. She’s a girls girl which is obvi if you’ve paid any attention to her wince she’s been on our screens

  14. Joely

    It clearly says anon please, yet her name and email is there for all to see..

  15. Lol

    That is a fake gmail..

  16. Seriously

    Well duh it’s a fake email, first time here?


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