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Oct 25, 2022

From: BD Fan

Subject: This Yacht Captain

Spill It to
According to the Captain’s own LinkedIn page, this TV Captain hasn’t been a real yacht captain in over a decade. They aren’t even the real captain on their Med show yacht. Whenever they show the First Officer that is the real Captain. The shots of them driving the boat are all staged by production.

All the other show Captains are real active Captains and the actual Captains of the boats on their franchises.

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  1. June June Hannah

    Capt diva sandy

  2. June June

    Is this why Sandy always has so much time to meddle in the crew’s business?

  3. The Nightman Cometh

    Captain Sandy ?

  4. MK Miller

    Captain Sandy. She always struck me as sketchy.

  5. LoveSomeLee

    Ooo no don’t do Lee like that! We all love Lee! Now Sandy… blah.

  6. Erica

    Doesn’t surprise me one bit. She was the worst at bravocon too

  7. Mer

    She is the worst

  8. Carmen

    I doubt this because you’d have to get the agreement of the boat owners and the insurance company. Lee stayed on as captain on S1 because Aleks wasn’t fully qualified.

  9. Sandy loves Malia

    That explains why she can’t leave the dock when it’s a little windy ?

  10. Bravo Bravo Effing Bravo

    That’s not true about her LinkedIn page. I just looked. It says yacht captain 10 years ago, but says Super Yacht Captain 2017-present. A yacht and super yacht are different.
    Makes me doubt the rest

  11. Dumb.

    Not a fan of hers, but this is stupid. Obviously they re-enact certain shots for TV, but to say she’s not a real Captain is ridiculous. A simple Google search proves that wrong immediately.

  12. Not Sandy

    This is 100% true. Her Super Yacht mention on LinkedIn is due to Below Deck. Should say TV Captain instead ?
    And yes the insurance is ok with this because the real Captain is always on the boat. They show them as First Officer but on Med it’s the real Captain

  13. Yachtie

    Captain Lee-his last LinkedIn experience is listed as 2013.


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