Oct 25, 2022

Subject: Erika accusations Reunion pt 3

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Rinna has spilled the tea to numerous Rinna-friendly content creators, media and celebrities. Erika will be accusing Kathy of making homophobic and racist comments in Aspen while at the bar. This will air on pt 3 of the reunion even though Kathy’s attorney has tried to intervene, without any success. Kathy strongly denies making these comments but Kyle does not stand up for her sister, which sends Kathy into a rage against Kyle. During the reunion, Kathy will go after Kyle even more than Rinna. This is why Kyle is so upset and crying, wanting to leave the set. Kathy comes after Kyle hard!

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  1. Rinna looks like a muppet

    I don’t believe Kathy said those things in Aspen. Not saying she hasn’t as she has questionable morals but so does Erika Rinna and Kyle. This was purely to try and take the heat off of Erika’s meltdown in Aspen and saying she only cares about herself and not the victims

  2. Ugly KemoSabe hat

    i want to know why Sutton and Kathy are not OK? Did we find that out?

  3. Bob

    If Kathy said something, they better be explicit about what it was. The way these ladies dance around everything is obnoxious. At least SLC and Potomac put it all out there.

  4. Confused AF

    I literally don’t know what to believe! Wasn’t it originally reported that Kathy made these comments to a DJ or a bartender?? If that’s the case, why hasn’t anyone come out and confirmed it? I feel like if Kathy did make homophobic/racist slurs in a public setting then someone else could’ve overheard it. They’re considered celebrities, you don’t think anyone would’ve filmed it on their phones??

  5. Kris

    I don’t believe a word either of those bullies say. Actions speak louder than words.

  6. Gphilly

    I don’t believe Kathy said those things either. It was always a set up by Rinna and Erika to take Kathy down.

  7. Rinnasucks

    I don’t believe anything those two have to say. They are proven liars. I can’t wait until Andy sees what a raging lunatic Lisa Rinna is.

  8. Sketchy McSketcherson

    If KH said what EJ claims, why wasn’t it mentioned before the reunion? Sketch.

  9. LAB

    Watch ppl get mad at Kyle for Not sticking up for her sister! Which OBVIOUSLY means she CANNOT defend her sister bc she did say those things. She’s an old lady And lots of them r still homophobic & very out of touch

  10. Fancy Drew

    I just don’t believe that Crystal or Garcelle would stand by Kathy if that was true and Crystal was at the club, so she would have witnessed that behavior.

  11. M

    Even if Kathy did say horrible things, that is not equivalent to Erika scamming orphans and widows. Both things are wrong but Erika is a trillion times worse. And her awful friend Rinna, too.

  12. Zero f*cks

    This whole thing has gone way too far, including Rinna waving a gun around on social media. She needs to be given the heave ho along with Erika.

  13. RNR

    If this was Rinna or Erika being accused, this comment section would be in full meltdown over Bravo’s need to fire them — even more than it already is.

    But since it’s Kathy, it can’t be true? Lol.

    Rinna & Erika are no saints, but let’s not pretend Kathy is an angel.

  14. K

    I mean honestly the whole Hilton family has said terrible things. Has everyone been living under a rock? It’s been decades of this
    And the whole stick up for ? Kathy is a grown woman who obviously also said bad things about Kyle so why would she defend her. As a grown woman no one really needs to help anyone us you are getting attacked by 3 or more people and a gang up…

  15. Lola

    I don’t believe this. Andy said at Bravocon there was no footage… Rinna and Erika plotted this. Kyle may not have known all the details but she definitely knew SOMETHING and didn’t stop them. Look, I get it, family drama is real but don’t choose your toxic friends (especially those two) over your own family

  16. Evil Step Sisters

    Rinna and Erika should have had this same energy when Garcelle’s son received hate messages, when Sutton was called a “c” and for the families that were victimized by Tom. Kathy may have said horrible things or not, but their BFF Kyle asked them to drop it and they are not. Seems they are motivated to make Kathy look bad. Also, Rinna is money hungry. She could be pissed if Kathy received more than the standard rate for this season. They also seem to be making Kyle work for her check. Rinna has said similar things about other women on the show earning their pay.

  17. L Stephens

    Ok I’m not invested in this at all cuz don’t really care. I’m only posting cuz clearly ya’ll who don’t believe KH made the slurs & asking why Crystal would support her are very naive about how holly weird works. Women in this city pander to KH cuz she’s on every guest list in town. Crystal is a nobody in LA. Her husband is not who they are portraying him on tv. Lion King was years ago. Nobody will go up against KH b/c of who they think she is. There are a certain group here that you just don’t mess with. And a lot of them feel the same way KH does & let’s just say it’s not pretty. KH is part of “that” group. That’s all.

  18. Come on

    Let’s not pretend it’s out of the realm of possibility that Kathy “Maralago” Hilton said some not so savory things.

  19. Christina

    I believe Kathy could of said it sure. As for why it’s not reported by others, if you’re just a regular person in a club, hear this, go public, do you not think Kathy Hilton would try to sue you? So the average normal person can’t go up against Hilton money. Secondly, the staff it was said to could also just be paid off to shut their mouths. You offer a regular Bartender or DJ 50k to shut their mouths-a lot of people are taking that over getting sued & served by the Kathy Hilton empire

  20. Loose lips

    AS KATHY SHOULD!!!! That’s her dang sister getting bullied by these women. Of course Kathys enraged Kyle isn’t sticking up for her. What a terrible sister – to both Kim & Kathy!

    Also R&E are loving ripping this family apart. They are so EVIL!

  21. Lo

    When you make your bed your have to lay in it….. Kyle has been vile for years. Everyone is just now seeing because of Kathy…. Look what happened to Kim! And how many friends has she shit on?! #goodbyekyle #kylecango

  22. Toni

    Rinna and Erika proved they are trash this season, but this last episode with Kathy shows she’s a f’n bitch that wants blind loyalty from Kyle without giving loyalty in return

  23. We see you….

    Kyle sticks up for her shady ass friends LR and EJ but she can’t stick up for her sister??? I don’t get along with my sister and may not talk for years but anyone talks bad about them or me, we have each others back 100%! I am convinced Kyle only has her sisters on the show to make them look bad. With her superiority complex. Prove me otherwise Kyle.

  24. Jo

    Ummm yes!

  25. Lisa and Erika who!?

    If Kathy did say that someone else who was at the bar would’ve said something , or had recorded it. Erika and Lisa need to understand Kathy has been in the spotlight way longer than them.


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