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Oct 24, 2022

From: piping hot tea
Email: unconfirmedtea@bravo.com

Subject: Future franchise filmings

Over on the West Coast, OC finale is scheduled to film in two weeks, think 5th or 6th of November. Even though Tamra (Judge) has rubbed everybody the wrong way during filming she made up with them but there’s still a lot of tension looming. Vicki Gunvalson is invited to the OC finale filming. Something tense might follow.
Teddi Mellencamp is also going to be a hot topic. Heard through the grapevine that she’s going to be in Bravo Clubhouse 2 wednesdays from now (BH Reunion) and she has been supporting Kyle (Richards) through her journey.

allegedly from bravoandcocktails.com


  1. Mary

    Kyle and Teddy need to get a room. Why in the h.e.doublehockeysticks is Teddi at the BH reunion?

  2. No to Mellencamps daughter

    Whyyyyyy are they trying so hard to make Teddi happen again. No one wants her on our screens again. Anyone want to boycott WWHL that night to show them she doesn’t bring ratings??

  3. Cindy

    I like Teddi. She’s no bullshit and says it like it is. Without an agenda. Give me her instead of fakes like Camille.

  4. Boring as hex

    You mean the same Teddi who said she’s never lied and never would tell a lie …. Yet admitted later to lying about LVP? I still don’t understand why she didn’t get hammered for that at the reunion, oh ya the other girls protected her. She’s incredibly insecure and comes off that way, I find her so unlikeable. She brings nothing to the table.

  5. Titsmcgee

    Screw Teddi lying little hypocrite. Stop trying to make it happen it’s painful

  6. Kty

    Stop trying to make Teddi happen! It’s never going to happen! The fans already fought to get her removed. We’re not reliving that battle just so Kyle can pretend she’s still top dog on Beverly Hills.

  7. Bugs Bunny

    Teddi is amazing! She taught me that carrots are fattening. Without her I would have eaten my feelings with carrots all day.

  8. Karen

    This is the last week of the reunion I thought.

  9. Excited

    I would like to see Teddi on OC. I love the T’s and think they would make a good duo

  10. Wanda

    Teddi, Dorinda. Why does Bravo keep pushing these lovers? If they were all that great, they would not have been fired. Move on.

  11. Amanda

    I love Teddi. She has a matter of fact attitude and she is usually right about things. People thinks she’s boring because she is normal and that is so weird to me. It became a trend to hate her and everyone joined.

  12. Over it no summer walker

    Wwhl ratings will tank once Teddi comes on. Tamra was trying way too hard at BravoCon to create a moment. Over the TWO T’s

  13. Lala

    Who keeps sending in these about Teddi? No one f*cking cares

  14. Long Island Housewife

    I love Teddi, she holds everyone accountable and loved her friendship with Kyle..
    I love her and Tamra’s podcast and their points of view. I really don’t understand why everyone hates Teddi??

  15. No

    I will not watch anything with Teddi and Vicki is worse. I don’t love the recycle system were in.


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