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Oct 23, 2022

I don’t know if my sleuthing is of any
interest but Farrah and Sophia attended
Brooke’s baby shower and Faye
Resnick and Sutton attended Nicky’s
birthday party. Interesting dynamics.

allegedly from


  1. Kim M

    I thought the big rumor from Bravocon was that Sutton and Kathy had to be kept apart. A week later Sutton is at Nikki’s birthday party? ?

  2. Gah

    What happened to sutton and Kathy being separated at Bravocon

  3. Can’t trust them

    The rumor from Bravocon said it was overheard from the OC ladies and if we know anything about them, their info is USUALLY bullshit lol. Have Vicki or Tamra ever repeated anything that turned out to be true??

  4. Just say'n

    That doesn’t sound right. I think Kathy
    is friends with Sutton and Garcelle. I think it was only rinna that was kept away from Kathy not Sutton.

  5. Jesse

    Either way Kyle is being blacklisted from the family, wanna defend Lisa rinna and shade Kathy and Kim it’s going to cost you Kyle

  6. Carol

    If they are such a super close family, why would they have 2 celebrations on the same day? My cousin and I would never schedule events on the same day.

  7. Mari

    In regard to that Bravocon rumor I think either A) someone simply made it up or B) overheard but somehow mixed up Sutton for Lisa Rinna.

    It honestly never made sense because at the panel they were next to each other and were seen chatting multiple times.

  8. Toxic Sisters

    I definitely don’t think Kyle is innocent, but I also happen to think that Kim and Kathy are toxic in their own ways. I feel like Kyle is getting all the blame for being a “terrible” sister, but we saw how difficult her relationship with Kim was on the show, and I think Kathy is hilarious and goofy but she definitely has a mean streak. I don’t think it’s fair that Kyle gets all the blame. Rinna is exaggerating about what happened but Kathy 100 percent horrible awful things about Kyle. Is Kyle supposed to just be ok with that because they are sisters?

  9. HereforTea

    Kathy is friends w/Garcelle and Sutton. I’m not a Lisa fan especially after past seasons when her s**t stirring became bullying but what I will say is I don’t think Kathy OR Lisa are innocent. I think Kathy DID 100% make an ass out of herself and said cruel things about her sister and the other woman but I don’t think it was as extreme as Lisa is making it to be. Lisa just took her shot and unfortunately it’s not working in her favor.

  10. Goodbye Kyle

    Kathy confirmed that Kyle was at the baby shower and was one of the hosts.


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