She wasn’t invited….

Oct 23, 2022

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Subject: She’ wasn’t invited…

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The OG housewife was excluded from two big family events this weekend.

One of her niece’s baby shower, and another niece’s birthday party. Sad to see the family is separated. Must be a hard weekend for her.

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  1. Jiang li

    Did I see Sutton was there though??

  2. Vile Kyle


  3. Elizabeth

    Kyle wasn’t at Kim’s daughter’s baby shower or Nicky’s birthday party. Yikes.

  4. Naynay

    Kyle Richards?

  5. Sheryl


  6. Mya

    Sucks to suck

  7. Housewife Longtime Follower

    She is a terrible sister. I would not invite her either. I have been a long time Kyle supporter but after watching her treat Kathy Hilton the way she did I’m done with Kyle. We can excuse what happen with Kim Richards to being a new housewife and not really understanding the show but for her to allow it to happen with Kathy too it shows me that she’s selfish, immature and fame hungry. She can go visit Rinna’s family and Erika’s too for that matter. GOODBYE KYLE

  8. M

    And she only has herself to blame.

  9. Mrs. Todd

    What does Kyle expect though? She makes herself the victim in this whole thing when she says “I’m the one hurt by it blah blah blah” rather than her telling her “friend” to back off her family. Where is that energy she had in the finale questioning dumb and dumber about who leaks everything to the press?

    She refuses to see how her family is being impacted by that whackadoodle Rinna…and for what? Harry’s famous pasta sauce every now and then? When 2 sisters are harassed, let’s look at who the common denominator is…Mrs. lips and wigs.

    I used to love Kyle. Now I’m good with her going away and her dumb hats fading into the sunset.

  10. Katie

    Miss Vyle Ruchards… I wouldn’t have invited Kyle either. She’s a horrible sister.

  11. Mary

    I don’t think Kyle necessarily likes Rinna but I do think she’s afraid of her. Kyle knows Rinna will spill everything she knows on Kyle if she crosses her. She will make up lies about her and trash her on social media. I think that is also one of the reasons bravo keeps her. She would go full psycho on bravo and her cast mates if she was fired

  12. Fake Force 5

    Don’t feel badly for her, she has Erika, Dorit, Tedi and Rinna. What more can a person ask for? Lol.
    Also, I get cutting people out of your life if it’s best for your mental health. But defending Erika and Rinna is NOT consistent with this train of thought. The Two Stooges wanted to see her work for her money this year while making her look life a fool. Mission Accomplished Ladies.

  13. My bad

    Kyle did this to herself. She’s the one not defending her sisters and running to defend her and her friends bad behaviors.

  14. Annika

    What comes to mind is “you reap what you sow”. No one did this to Kyle, but Kyle! She is truly an awful person and everyone sees exactly who she is. Stop playing the victim.

  15. Not surprised

    Sutton was at Nicky’s birthday party but Kyle wasn’t. What does that say!! Kyle has herself to blame, she is a bad sister and we have seen it twice. She also treated LVP terribly after years of close friendship. She is a nasty piece of work and it’s coming to light

  16. Victoria J

    I feel bad for Kyle. It’s a lose lose situation. She shouldn’t have to protect her sisters bad behaviours and if she doesn’t feel they are good for her mental health then she needs to set proper respected boundaries. But she also needs to question her sisters on how they would like to be supported and how they expect her to stick up for them in public.

  17. E

    Kyle was probably invited but she was doing press all weekend for the Halloween movie she probably just couldn’t attend the shower and birthday party

  18. BigMama

    How could anyone say Kyle did this to herself? She didn’t ask for her sister to go ballistic and rip her apart to Rinna. Why would anyone stand up for someone that did that to them? Secondly Kim was calling her a thief when I’m sure Kyle had helped her more than hurt her given Kim’s situation. So if y’all think she shouldn’t stand up for herself then okayyyy

  19. Bye Kyle

    Kyle doesn’t support her sisters and wants people to feel bad for her. The way she allowed rinna to speak to Kathy when she had apologized and admitted her wrongs… unacceptable. BYE KYLE


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