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Oct 21, 2022

From: OG of the OC

Subject: The OG is making her way back!

Spill It to
After seeing the positive response and hype about this certain OG filming with her former cast members, and the outpouring of love from fans at BravoCon, the network has offered the OG more opportunities to film with the current cast as they near the end of filming. She will only be a guest this season, but you can bet she’ll be asked to come back as an official friend for season 18!

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  1. Don’t whoop it up

    Please don’t let this be icky Vicky!

  2. Jbu

    Ugh god no. Did Vicki write this?

  3. Last year’s Versace

    I hope this is about Caroline Manzo.

  4. Tamrat


  5. Plz no

    Omg no no no no. We DO NOT want Vicki back!!

  6. CM

    Vicky is like Ramona, you may not agree with everything she says and does but I think most would agree she has given us many iconic moments and is an iconic housewife. Housewives would be boring if you agreed with everyone and they all got along anyways

  7. Deuces

    I will 100% be out. That piece of garbage supported a fake cancer storyline. She is despicable. It’s bad enough that they brought Tamra back. If they just want thirsty, ex-housewives back who will just push fake storylines (like BH), what is the point?? ?

  8. Not icky vicky

    It’s like they are trying to tank OC

  9. MK Miller

    No. Please, dear God, not wretched Vicky.

  10. KWoww

    Vicky, did you write this? There’s no way this is true.

  11. Lola

    Yeah, no. I think people should review seasons past and remember how AWFUL she was.

  12. karl

    wahooo!!!!! team vicki!!

  13. Ashley

    Can’t you come up with anything better? Come on, Karen.

  14. Ria

    Out of all the housewives “villains”, I have a soft spot for vicki. She is wild and good tv. And has never been particularly cruel like rinna or Ramona imo. And she IS OC. I don’t hate this.

  15. V

    Vicky! I can’t wait. She was good entertaining tv.

  16. What are they thinking????

    I’m already unhappy about Tamra returning. If Vicki rejoins the cast I’m done with O.C.

  17. Shmicky Icky

    Vicky was good- years ago. Now she’s boring. She doesn’t want to have fun with the other girls and continues to exclude and distance herself. Most of her time on Girls’ Trip was in her bedroom while she was in bed. She doesn’t know how to whoop it up anymore. While the drama is fun we need to see the fun stuff too and Vicky no longer brings the fun. Boring. I appreciate her as an OG but unless she loses the OG entitlement and pulls the stick from her ass, she won’t be fun.

  18. L stephens

    Oh noooo not icky no no no. Just gross

  19. Never want to see that puss again!

    Bye girl Bye!

  20. OG’s are better than the Newbies Always

    Vicki is definitely butt hurt she was fired (which is understandable since she literally was the starting factor of the franchise) but people are so dramatic about not wanting her back… she’s had her bad moments but she’s Vicki the OG and id rather watch her than some of these wannabe newbies


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