From: Mr. St Louis

Subject: Pay for your own hotel room, buddy.

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I’m in Nashville for a work trip and had to head down to the front desk for a new room key, when I got down there I noticed this Ex OC Housewifes’ Ex husband was standing at the front desk with his new wife. I waited behind them in line and couldn’t hear much but I could tell there was some miscommunication/issue with his “reservation” They were there with another couple and after a few mins of no resolution, he got annoyed, went to the bar and had the other man with them (I am guessing his manager or assistant) step in to handle the situation with the hotel. Another front desk clerk stepped in to help with the situation, and when he did the initial desk clerk whispered “He is saying we were supposed to have a room for you know anything about this” to which the other clerk replied “Um, no.” 

LOL. I’m assuming this ex-MLB player seemed to think he was still a “somebody” who deserved a free hotel room. Better luck next time!

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