Who shall not be named…

Oct 19, 2022

From: WhoShall NotBeNamed

Subject: Who shall not be name

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
This women who is no longer speaking to the newly ex housewives., and said that she wouldn’t say her name anymore…. it’s not because she’s over her, it’s because if she does, she will be attacked with a legal lawsuit.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (https://bravoandcocktails.com)

allegedly from bravoandcocktails.com


  1. Silence

    Sounds like something Diana would do, she is very litigious lately. Garcelle being the one who will not speak her name.

  2. Calisteve

    Garcelle and Diana

  3. Diva Down Under

    Garcelle not talking about Diana?

  4. Haley

    Garcelle and Diana

  5. Diana the Evil CWord

    Diana deserves all the bad karma in the world. Racist, vile, troll breathing, life sucking gremlin

  6. London girl

    Does this mean Garcelle knows it was Diana who hired the bots, however Diana is threatening her to make sure she doesn’t talk about it publicly… Garcelle did say she was going to announce who it was (who hired the bots) on Monday but she is yet to do so.

  7. PasadenaSnowMonster

    What? What kinda conclusion is that? Maybe Garcelles investigation proved it wasn’t Diana and now she’s demanding G stop talking about her.

  8. PasadenaSnowMonster

    Also Gacelle said “tomorrow” when they asked and has yet to day anything for a literal week now.


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