Not compensated properly?

Oct 19, 2022

From: OC TEA

Subject: Vicki Dinner Scene with Tamra and Shannon Explained

Spill It to
Vicki filmed a scene with tamra and shannon at dinner, they whooped it up and then vicki gave her two cents and corroborated the story alleged cheating husband.

Vicki’s attorney is seeking “appropriate compensation” for it. Apparently that was not settled in advance. Or it was and she is still trying to negotiate for more.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (

allegedly from


  1. Didn't miss her

    If true, this grossness is exactly why I am glad she is gone. ?

  2. WYKYK

    I find it hard to believe she and bravo did not come to terms before filming. It’s not the first goat rodeo for either one of them.

  3. Titsmcgee

    Yeah Bravo knew beforehand…that’s the only reason she was let on

  4. Victoria who

    And she wonders why bravo wants little if nothing to do with her! Yes OC was the first housewives show, but she wasn’t alone and needs to stop acting like Bravo owes her something.

  5. L Stephens

    Bravo gets what they deserve. Icky is just gross & entitled & desperate. She should never have been put on television in the first place. She is beyond rude to people & thinks she’s a celebrity. She’s a talentless, homophobic, racist liar.


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