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Oct 18, 2022

From: fresh oranges

Subject: OC is back

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RHOC has had an amazing season. Jennifer is the 6th wife whilst Heather Amin hasn’t made the cut as a ‘friend-of’. Jennifer has feuded with Emily and Heather and been the source of lots of drama, think Braunwyn S14 but better. Taylor has also carried the season. Supersized premiere allegedly Dec 7!

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  1. What’s up with Jersey?!

    So if OC is Dec 6, does that means once again Jersey will be pushed again?!

  2. Denise

    Not sure how I feel about this. Hearing any comparison to Braunwyn instantly brings negative thoughts/opinions.

  3. DD

    I’m so tired of NJ being pushed back again and again when the girls finished filming ages ago. C’mon Bravo.

  4. Michelle

    This is such bs. Jersey gonna get pushed back for boring ass oc. Jersey been done for months while oc is still filming. Make it make sense. We are all dying too see jersey & they’ll push it back again wtf

  5. No

    I honestly don’t care about jersey. I don’t want to see Elvira coming down the aisle with her creepy husband and her fighting w her family again. This time involving her daughters. It’s exhausting and not entertaining to watch. I think the jersey train has ended.


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