No reconciliation….

Oct 18, 2022

I was at the hotel Friday night watching
everyone get in the sprinter vans.
Security tried to put Kandi on Phaedra’s
van and Don Juan told them oh no way
will Kandi be getting in there!!!

allegedly from


  1. Jake

    I don’t blame Kandi bc honestly how do you move on from that

  2. RHONYpurist

    Andy should have put Kandi & Phaedra on squash that beef panel haha.

  3. Samela Pamela

    Phaedra (knowingly) falsely accused Kandi of attempted sexual assault. There’s no coming back from that.

  4. DayDayMiMi

    Phaedra needs to stay on the side shows… as much as I loved her humor and fashion…
    She is an attorney, who lied on a national TV show. For drama.
    About her “friend” planning to drug and assault their other friend.
    Then admitted to all of it
    A licensed legal attorney.
    So no,… some things you just can’t apologize for or squash.
    She has kids. They both do for that matter.
    But the biggest mouth drop,… is that she allowed herself to get so lost in her values. As a Christian woman. As a licensed attorney. A smart business owner. To get so wrapped up in creating drama and spilling the tea,… that she would just feed her bestie lies so she would go and spread them… saying,.. “it’ll be great tv”.
    Nope no thank you.


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