Beyond rude…

Oct 18, 2022

Subject: Erika Jayne being Erika Jayne

Spill It to
Met EJ sadly at Bravocon. Can confirm sue is a hot mess and asked my boyfriend if he was single right after he said we are together. She then decided to give me a look up and down and said and I quote “she’s not much” I am disgusted. Told her to go fuck herself

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  1. EJ is Garbage

    Good for you – I’d pay a good $20 to tell her to go fuck herself and she doesn’t even have to say anything to me.

  2. kristen

    Gross!! She’s one reason I haven’t watched this season & won’t until she’s gone. Period. What a nasty piece of work

  3. how about a little neosporin? get a grip

    this is funny tbh

  4. Erin

    She’s vile and I’m ready for her to be off my tv! I’m sorry she did that.

  5. Chileeee

    Mam you’re 53. Grow up please

  6. Jess

    Wtf is wrong with her. A reminder that truly confident women don’t need to tear others down

  7. RNR

    You guys really believe this happened? Come on.

  8. Mel

    I would have loved to say, “Maybe I’m not much, but your new net worth ain’t much either.”

  9. Diamond Earrings

    I’m glad you told her to f**k off ????????

  10. Garvey Kessler

    Things that didn’t happen for $1000, Alex…


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