Hook ups at the concert…

Oct 17, 2022

We went to after dark during Tom Sandovals concert. We saw Taylor grab Sheps face and make out with him. We also saw Luke and Ashley Darby coming out of the bathroom together….. Anon please

allegedly from bravoandcocktails.com


  1. Who?

    Okay, so I’m lost. Who is Luke? Is he from Southern Charm? I only watch Housewives and Below Deck….

  2. Wtf

    Taylor, gurrrrl…. I’m done feeling sorry for you.

  3. Anon

    Luke is from winter/summer house

  4. Taylor Can Do Better

    I was at the show and Shep was messaging the girl in line with me for drinks. She was maybe 22. Gross…

  5. Charmed

    Summer House/ Winter House!!! Love Luke!

  6. DD

    Taylor is such a clout chaser.

  7. heidi

    Taylor is an idiot.

  8. Kim

    Taylor is an idiot

  9. Noooo Taylor…SMH

    I was kinda hoping Taylor and Luke would hook up. I can see them hanging at his cabin and chilling.

  10. Taytay

    Taylor can do so much better than any of these guys! Girl ruuuuun!

  11. Charmer

    At the Southern Charm panel the cast insinuated that there was a rekindling.

  12. Kat

    Come on y’all! Don’t call Taylor an idiot. She clearly still has feelings for Shep and I’m sure she’s conflicted about acting on them. Shame on Shep! If his feelings haven’t changed he’s the one that should practice some self control!

  13. Sutton’s Southern Sister

    I don’t feel sorry for Taylor, because she knows who Shep. But if I was Shep, I would a little upset for some of the reunion stuff she said, and my family would be too.

  14. DayDayMiMi

    Luke is so gross…I feel like he’s not accepting of himself and has some major inner issues.
    It seems Ashley has a type there… only he’s doing the digging this time.
    I really hope that doesn’t become a thing.
    When she’s fully single he’ll move on to the next… let’s hope she keeps her kids out of it.

    As far as Taylor…. she is really pathetic. To cry and whine like she did. Trash him so badly bring in his parents…(she knew she crossed the line there) Then is back with him… I’m guessing that bank account means more than she let’s on….

  15. DayDayMiMi

    Luke brags be only likes girls in relationships.
    Ugh he’s so gross
    I think his dad was pretty rough with him and he has some major inner demons. Until he fixes that…
    He is going to keep using women and treating them like garbage.
    He is the absolute worst.


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